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What Causes Grout to Crack & Crumble in Alpharetta, GA? Harmful Cleaning Chemicals & More

Grout and tile options come in a variety of patterns, colors, styles and textures. With their durability, longevity, and increased resistance to many natural elements, tile and grout are commonly used in households across the country. Though tile and grout can withstand a lot of abuse, there is some causes that can cause early deterioration…

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How to Clean & Get Old Dried Chocolate Milk Shake Stain & Smell Out of Carpet in Atlanta, GA

Milk, in their flavorful varieties, is enjoyed by children and adults alike. During mealtime or even throughout the day, glasses of chocolate and strawberry milk options are very commonly served. In general, milk has its advantages, but when it is spilled onto the carpets, it can be a disaster if it is not promptly removed.…

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