How to Prevent, Remove & Restore Furniture Dents & Divots in Carpet in Social Circle, GA

Whether you have re-arranged your furniture, moved out of your apartment or got rid of an old couch, you have experienced the dreaded carpet dent. Carpet dents are smashed, flat areas of carpet that have been sitting under a heavy object for longer lengths of time, sometimes leaving what seems to be a permanent dent in your carpet. Sometimes these dents go away on their own, after a week or so, however other carpet dents can be like craters or pockmarks that will not budge. It is easy to feel frustrated and place a rug or move your furniture back over the carpet dents to avoid having to deal with the problem and seeing them every time you enter the room. On the other hand, there are a few tips to consider before giving up, that will help to get those dents out of your carpet. DM Carpet Cleaning offers some helpful tips below.

Ice Can Remove Carpet Divots

One technique that has proved to work for some home owners is the use of ice. Try placing an ice cube on the carpet dent and let it sit until the ice cube has completely melted. After the ice cubes have melted all the way, use a towel or a sponge to absorb any of the excess water left behind form the ice cubes. When you have absorbed the water into your sponge or towel, take a fork or spoon and gently lift the carpet fibers from their flat position into a standing position. Reshaping the carpet fibers to a standing position will help to remove the carpet dent and restore the carpet to its original form.

Steam Irons Can Remove Carpet Indentations from Furniture

Using your steam iron will also help to get your carpet back to its original form. By using heat, you can lift your carpet’s fibers back into standing position. An important step to remember when using a steam iron on your carpet is to place a piece of fabric between your iron and the carpet dent. If a steam iron is used directly on your carpet, the fibers can be burnt or even melt. Applying heat from your steam iron onto a carpet dent can lift the carpet’s fibers from being flat, back to looking like the rest of your floor.

Removing Carpet Dents with Hair Dryer

Another popular method of getting carpet dents to vanish is the use of a blow dryer. By squirting the carpet dent lightly with water from a spray bottle, then drying the area with your blow dryer, while carefully lifting the carpet’s fibers with a fork, will help to eliminate the carpet dent and get your carpet back to its original shape. Remember to be gentle when fluffing your carpet’s fibers so you do not cause any additional damage.

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