Building Maintenance in Atlanta, GA; Why Hiring Professional a Janitorial Company is the Smart Choice

There are many responsibilities that come with running a company and unfortunately keeping your building clean often doesn’t rank too high on your list of priorities. Payroll, new clients, employee turnover and other important aspects that keep your company running are usually on the forefront of most business owners and managers minds. There are usually two options when it comes to keeping your building clean and tidy. One would be to keep it in-house; giving your employees responsibilities to keep their office space and shared working spaces clean and maintained. The second is the much more efficient and appreciated way; to hire a professional janitorial and building maintenance service to take care of all the necessary cleaning needs that your building requires.

Employees Should Not Be Responsible for Cleanliness Within the Workplace

When deciding which avenue to take when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your office space, there are a few things to consider. If you decide to keep the job in house, consider the amount of money it may end up costing you, when the number one reason your chose this road was to save a little extra money. If you keep the cleaning chores in-house, you are responsible for purchasing all cleaning tools and equipment that will be needed. On top of that you are required by law to pay your employees for this new task that they have been assigned. This will require changes or additions to your payroll department, which will again cost you even more money. After the proper cleaning supplies and equipment have been purchased and payroll is in order, now you must rely on the ability, knowledge and integrity of your employees that they will actually take care of all the cleaning responsibilities thoroughly and on a regular basis. If complaints start coming in that certain areas of the office are being neglected, this can cause tension in the work place. For example, stripping and waxing of vinyl commercial tiles is not a job for an amateur. It requires proper knowledge of how to strip the previous wax and build up as well as the knowledge and experience needed to operate a floor buffing machine and the necessary allotment of time; stripping and waxing is a labor intensive process! We all know you simply can’t beat someone at their trade.

Professional Janitorial Service in the Smart Choice

When you hire a professional building maintenance and janitorial service there are many benefits that come along with this decision. A professional property arrives equipped with all necessary cleaning equipment. Items like vacuums, brooms and floor buffing machines etc will be provided by the professional janitorial service. The employees are trained in the proper use of equipment and techniques to clean office buildings and are very efficient in their duties. A professional janitorial and building maintenance service is reliable and will show up on regularly scheduled appointments to ensure that your office space stays clean and free from clutter dust and grime. A professional janitorial service is knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated; thereby producing the best results.

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