Professional Carpet Cleaning; How to Prevent Dark Spots & Stains from Carpet & Rugs in Alpharetta GA

If you take a look at your carpet, you are sure to notice areas that seem to look darker than others. Most people have no idea why or assume that it is just dirt. Most of these areas are a high traffic area like an entry way or in front of couches and chairs. Although this change in color can be dirt, it can also be damaging. D&M Carpet Cleaning has come up with what these dark spots can be and what you can do to repair and clean them.

What Causes Dark Spots on Carpet

What is it? There are really two ways that your carpet can have a darkened spot. The first way is through dirt. When dirt is brought into the house, it will tend to stay in the most high traffic areas or the areas that are walked on most. Dirt comes in mainly on the bottom of shoes. When you walk into your house and onto your carpet with your shoes on you are dragging all the dirt and debris from outside, onto the carpet inside. Carpet is a lot like a sponge and will soak in any dirt, debris and moisture that comes in contact with it. When the dirt is left on the carpet it leaves a darker color with it. The second way that you can have dark spots on carpet is from damage. The damage occurs when dirt is used as an abrasive and rubs on the carpet fibers. When the fibers of your carpet are new, they are in the shape of a cylinder and are smooth. This allows them to reflect more light and makes the color look lighter. When the smoothness is rubbed off and left looking rough the less light can reflect. You can compare this to a new PVC pipe. When you get it new it is smooth and shiny and if you were to take a piece or sandpaper to it, it will no longer reflect the light and it will look dull and drab.

How to Prevent Dark Spots on Carpet

How can you stop it? The best way to stop dirt from building up on high traffic areas is to remove shoes before you walk on the carpet. Your shoes are bringing in the majority of the dirt that is on the carpet. You also want to refrain from walking on your carpet in bare feet. The skin on your feet naturally emit oil. This oil, when added to the carpet fibers will attract more dirt. You can make sure that everyone wears cotton socks when walking around at home. Always run the vacuum each day to remove excess dirt and debris that will eventually turn into abrasive that will cause damage to your carpet fibers.

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