Carpet Repair & Stretching Services

The knowledgeable carpet repair specialists at DM Carpet Cleaning can repair all kinds of carpet issues including carpet burns, pen ink stains, pet damage, blood stains, hair dye, wine stains, chemical spills, rust stains, pattern wear issues, oil stains, frayed carpet problems, carpet tears, carpet snags and glue stains. If carpet stretching is needed to repair the damaged area, our experienced carpet care technicians can provide you with fast efficient service. Contact us today and let us take care of all of your carpet repair and stretching needs in Greater Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Carpet Stretching Services

At DM Carpet Cleaning we provide quality carpet repair and carpet stretching services to save you money on the cost of replacement. Are you having problems with wrinkles, ripples and bumps in your carpets? The knowledgeable carpet repair specialists understand carpets and why your carpets become loose and develop wrinkles.
Carpet installation – Correct carpet installation requires powerful stretching tools to ensure that it is pulled tightly. Many carpet installers rely on knee kickers but this only gives your carpets a temporary tightness. Once you start to walk across your carpet and your carpet becomes subject to general wear and tear it will become loose and rippled. The carpet care professionals at DM Carpet Cleaning will use professional stretchers to get your carpet back in shape in next to no time.
Carpet Tack-Strips – Occasionally your tack-strips may become loose which can cause your carpets to loosen and ripple. Our expert carpet care technicians can re-stretch your carpet along with re-setting your tack strips, with guaranteed results.

Carpet Stretching & Repair Tools & Experience

When you work with the experts at DM Carpet Cleaning we will arrive at the scheduled time, with all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right. Our educated and highly trained carpet care technicians will use a power stretcher to re-stretch your carpet the correct way. If your tack strips have come loose, our technicians will reattach them and use a powerful stretching machine to ensure that your carpets are tight again. After your carpets are repaired we can also provide you with our professional carpet cleaning service to make sure your carpets look just like new again.

Carpet Seam & Edge Repair

Your wall to wall carpeting is made up of smaller pieces of carpet that are fused together and designed to look seamless when properly maintained. As your carpet begins to wear down, the seams can lift and come apart. Damage caused by pets, moving furniture and just general wear and tear will eventually degrade your flooring. At DM Carpet Cleaning we are here to take care of your carpet repair problems and to save you money.

Carpet Stretching & Repair Services in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville and Atlanta Georgia

Contact the professionals at DM Carpet Cleaning and ask about our comprehensive carpet repair and cleaning services which are designed to keep your existing carpets looking as good as the day they were first installed!

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