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Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance for Cleaner Carpet in Clarkston, GA; Cleaning Inside Hose & More

With the investment of high quality carpets, quite a few homeowners are motivated to take excellent care of their carpets. Instantly treating any kind of substance spills, implementing regular vacuuming and routinely scheduled professional cleaning are the basics to carpet care. Extra efforts include treating the carpets with products that help resist staining other harmful…

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What Should You Do After a Flood in Chamblee, GA; Water Extraction, Drying Carpet Cleaning & More

When you discover your home has just flooded and you’ve had considerable water damage, it is essential to react quickly and also properly. Taking the right steps when dealing with a flood can make cleaning up after the disaster far more easy and with less headache. DM Carpet Cleaning will share step by step what…

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Do’s & Don’ts of Natural Stone Cleaning & Maintenance in Dunwoody, GA; Clean Stains ASAP & More

For homeowners that invest in natural stone countertops, vanity tops, shower walls or floors, it is essential to know how to care for natural stone. Natural stone is expensive but can last forever with proper care. Many homeowners don’t always realize that natural stone can easily erode, even inside the home. DM Carpet Cleaning will…

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