History of Carpet Cleaning in Monroe, GA; Early Protection for Carpets, Stain Removal Treatments & More

Plugging in the vacuum cleaner and giving your carpet a good once over is a pretty easy chore and produces great results. A vacuum cleaner will pick up most dirt and dust and leave your carpet looking great. Tough stains can easily be removed with the help of a professional carpet cleaning company, and so living in today’s world allows you to keep your carpet in tip top shape and lengthen its life. The history of carpet cleaning is interesting and many of the methods used may sound a little strange to us now.

Early Carpet Protection

In earlier times people protected their carpet by placing what was called “druggets”, or thick, heavy woolen rugs across their carpet in heavy traffic areas or places like underneath their eating tables. Druggets would help protect carpet against spills and stains. Wealthier individuals would use canvas to cover their carpets while they were out of town or if they had social events in their home.

Stain Removal Tips

Some effective stain removal tips emerged from house wives in the 1830’s. Tips on how to remove ink stains, grease stains and oil stains included scrubbing the stain with lemon juice and a hot loaf of bread. After this process, the cleaner would rinse the carpet with clean water and hang it outside to dry. The use of straw brooms was believed to preserve the color of the carpet and sweeping carpets would help to prevent rips or tears.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

One of the most common techniques for cleaning carpets was to beat them, beat the dust and dirt out of them with a broom or large paddle. 1868 would bring the first ever vacuum cleaner to households. The vacuum cleaner made it much easier for people to manage the amount of dust and dirt inside of their homes and knocked off a considerable amount of time sweeping. This vacuum cleaner was of course operated manually and some consumers found it difficult to maneuver. It wasn’t until 1901 that the first electrically powered vacuum cleaner came into play. A man named Corrine Dufour was the inventor and he named the first electric vacuum cleaner the Puffing Billy. This vacuum cleaner operated off oil before switching over to an electric motor.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Today

The development of vacuum cleaners took off from there and today we have a vast amount to choose from. Vacuums that specialize in picking up dog hair, cordless vacuums and vacuums that are extremely easy to maneuver and require no bag. We have so many options to choose from. Home steam cleaners are now available to consumers to fight tough carpet stains but for the absolute best carpet cleaning service that is available to you, contact DM Carpet Cleaning. We will do the hard work for you and keep your carpet looking like new!

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