What Do You Do if You Spill Something on Your Couch in Roswell, GA? Clean Spills on Fabric Sofa Quickly!

When a major spill falls all over your upholstery, your furniture can become stained or quickly ruined if you do not react properly. There are a wide variety of materials and fabrics that are used for upholstery and each requires their own method of cleaning when a spill occurs. D&M Carpet Cleaning will share how…

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Area Rug Cleaning in Alpharetta, GA; How Do You Clean Rugs, Remove Pet Hair, Remove Spots & More?

Adding a special touch to a room’s style, area rugs have plenty of unique colors, patterns, and textures. The care requires special maintenance since rugs differ from carpet though they are fairly similar in some ways. Today, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to share some standard area rug cleaning methods and techniques. How…

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How Do You Respond to a Flooding Event in Tucker, GA? Extract Water, Dry Out, Clean Carpets & More

There are many sources that can cause flooding in your home. Burst pipes, broken down appliances and leaky roofs, among others. Where preventative measures are essential, flooding can still occur despite your best efforts. When the flooding happens, your initial response is critical. Today, we at D & M Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss…

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