How Often Should you Clean Commercial Carpets

Having carpet installed in a commercial building is a huge part of the cost and additions to the space. After you have installed this carpet the next step is to make sure that you take care of it. A commercial carpet sees a lot more action than a home because in a home most people are a little more respectful and will take off their shoes. Shoes bring in the majority of the dirt that soils the carpets. You also are getting much more traffic and that means more possible spills and stains. When you go out and take a look, you may notice that the carpet “looks” dirty. This means that you have waited way too long and if the dirt is visible then it has done much more damage than to your carpet than you can imagine. Here is what you need to do to be sure that you have your commercial carpet lasting and looking great.

What has Been Tracked in on your Carpet?

Commercial buildings see a lot of traffic and the more traffic it sees, the more dirt and other debris is on the carpet. There also is usually a cleaning service and possibly a maintenance person that will handle immediate problems. The cleaning company will clean up any spills or dirt that is seen, but they will not regularly deep clean the carpet in general. Some of the debris that can be tracked into the building is salt from parking lots during the winter months. As people walk through the parking lot they are tracking through oil and car exhaust from the street. Fine sand and dirt could be tracked in from the planters in front of the building that can be getting compacted into the carpet and padding.

How Often do Commercial Carpets Need to be Cleaned?

If you have a commercial building you should have the carpets cleaned by a professional every 4 to 6 months. This is standard and can be set up with a company to come on a regular basis. Many companies offer a service arrangement to call and set up each appointment with you so that you don’t have to try and remember. There are some types of commercial properties that may need cleaning more often. If you have a restaurant, daycare or retail shop you may need to set up to have the carpet cleaned every 3 months. Contact D&M Carpet Cleaning today to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment in the greater Atlanta area.