What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles in Johns Creek, GA? Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

In the state of Georgia, black carpet beetles is a common pest that invades homes and destroys carpets. Black carpet beetles love to eat things that contain keratin, which can include carpets, rugs, curtains, and clothing. When black carpet beetles get out of control they will begin to eat holes into your carpets. When you detect black carpet beetles you will need to work quickly to rid your carpets of these pests. DM Carpet Cleaning will share what steps you need to take to rid your carpets of black carpet beetles.

Check for Carpet Beetles

If you begin to see curtains, rugs or carpet with holes or bald spots, you mostly like have a black carpet beetle. Before you begin treating your home for pests, you may want to first do a little inspection. In the affected areas get down and take a close look. Even though they are very small, you can still see black carpet beetles and larvae in the carpet. With an aid of a magnifying glass you may even be able to see their eggs. You will want to locate and identify your carpet pest. In Georgia, black carpet beetles are one of the most common pest but not the only one. There are other moth larvae and beetles that can eat away at your carpet. Luckily, treating your carpets for all carpet eating pests is about the same.

Does Vacuuming Get Rid of Carpet Beatles?

When you have identified that you have carpet beetles or other similar pests, your first step in treating these pests is to vacuum. You will want to vacuum all your curtains, rugs, furniture, carpets, and along the edges of base boards. All washable linens should be washed afterwards to ensure that nothing is on the fabric. When vacuuming the carpets, make sure to vacuum in different directions. This vacuuming method will move the pile all round, opening up the pile up to not only remove more dirt, but in this situation getting pests out of the carpet. Be detailed in your vacuuming and take your time. It will not hurt to vacuum your carpet more than once to ensure you have sucked up as many of those pests as possible.

Deep Clean Carpet

Once you have finished vacuuming all of the various surfaces inside the home, you will then want to steam clean your carpets. Steam cleaning will help kill the beetles, the larvae and any eggs that are left in the carpets. If you do not have access to a quality steam cleaning machine, consider seek a professional carpet cleaning service. They can provide a thorough carpet cleaning and use powerful carpet cleaning machines to ensure your carpets are free of pests. To help prevent carpet beetles in the future, make sure to vacuum your carpet regularly at least once a week. Next, schedule a routine carpet cleaning about every three to six months, depending on your household.

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