What to Do Before the Carpet Cleaning Crew Arrive in Newborn, GA; Vacuum, Stains & More

When you have scheduled your carpet cleaning service, you may be at odds about what you should do to prepare for the service. Prepping is fairly easy, and not as hard as you are likely imagining. You do not have to run down to the nearest home improvement store and wash the carpets first! Maximizing the efforts of the professionals is your goal. Preparing your carpets and the space for the arrival of the professionals you hired is fairly basic and today, we at D&M Carpet Cleaning would like to share how you can get ready for the pros to clean your carpets. Quick note: It’s important to prep your carpet for a cleaning and ensure to minimize the obstacles and that it is freshly vacuumed. Review the steps below.

Vacuum Before Professional Carpet Cleaners Arrive

Vacuuming before the experts arrive is a must. The areas that are prone to high traffic areas should be vacuumed especially. More often than not, the professionals will even instruct you to have the carpets vacuumed properly prior to their arrival. This helps expedite the process and makes it smoother and more successful. If they are coming for a morning appointment, vacuum the night before, and afternoon appointments should be vacuumed the morning beforehand if possible.

Move Clutter & Small Furniture Items Before Carpet Cleaning

Before the carpet cleaning starts, take a few precautions. Tabletop lamps, vases, and any fragile showpieces should be removed from the area and placed in a safe location. Because of their liability insurance, most carpet cleaning techs will not handle these items. To void damage, take the time to take care of removing these items. Where you intend for the professionals to clean, be sure to clear out the small pieces of furniture, such as dining chairs, ottomans, small tables, and so on. Not only can these pieces interfere with the cleaning process, most companies will only clean the exposed carpets, the more carpet that is clutter-free, the more carpet that is cleaned, leaving your carpets more efficiently cleaned.

Keep Pets & Kids Off Carpet when Cleaning

If you have any pets or children in the home, it is important that they are kept from the area that is going to be cleaned and while the technicians are doing their job. During the prep, a lot of allergens, dust, germs, and other particles will likely emerge into the air in burst clouds and they can be harmful to kids and pets. Additionally, while moving furniture and fragile items, that can be a hindrance as well. While professionals are doing their work, they can also prevent an efficient execution. If possible, keep the area secured or gated from the kids and pets.

Talk to Carpet Cleaners About Stains

Essential preparations for your carpet technicians involve talking to them. Knowing the fibers of the carpets can be useful. A real help is knowing any of the origins to the stains on the carpets to help them remove them easier. Following the above steps is quite simple to ensure your carpet professionals can get through their carpet cleaning techniques. The above-mentioned steps will maximize their experts to leave your carpets fresh and clean.

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