House Cleaning Myths in Mansfield, GA; Vinegar Cleaner, Window Washing, Odor Removal & More

There are some misconceptions out there when it comes to cleaning your home. Learning about these myths can definitely help you have a cleaner home. DM Carpet Cleaning busts some of the more common house cleaning myths below.

Common Misconceptions About House Cleaning

Cleaning with Vinegar. Vinegar is great for many cleaning tasks but it’s not good for everything, even when you mix it with baking soda. When it comes to dirt and grime, there are other cleaners that will get the job done more effectively.
Window Cleaning. Paper towels are probably your best bet when it comes to getting clean windows. Newspaper is thinner and is more likely to tear as you use it. Not to mention it’s covered in ink. You will be left with streaks and ink stains on your windows and probably your hands too!
Furniture Polish. You actually shouldn’t use furniture polish every time you clean. If you use it too much it will build up and create a gross, sticky film that can be hard to remove. You only need to use it every other time or two to keep your furniture looking great. Use a clean soft cloth in between polishing.
Hairspray to Remove Ink. This trick used to work more efficiently because hairspray used to contain more alcohol. Today’s hairsprays contain less alcohol or leave it out entirely and the more you spray, the stickier your clothing will become. Use the secret ingredient that worked wonders in the past, alcohol, and grab the rubbing alcohol instead.
Garbage Disposal Odor Elimination. While lemons will help you get a fresh smelling disposal, they won’t clean it and coffee grounds will actually wreak havoc in your disposal. Coffee grounds are actually among some of the foods that you should never put down your disposal because they can clog the pipes and cause problems in your septic system.
Amount of Cleaning Products. More is not always better. Using too much of a cleaning product can counteract your cleaning efforts as it will create a buildup that will actually attract dirt. Read the instructions and only use what is recommended to get the best clean.
Smelling Clean. We typically associate a fresh scent with cleanliness. This may not be true as it could just be covering up an underlying odor-causing problem. The lovely scent may be coming from a chemical that is lurking in the ingredient list of the product you’re using. The focus should be on dirt removal and sanitation rather than how it smells.
Professional Carpet Cleaning. Many people are convinced that having their carpets cleaned by professionals will shrink them. Today’s carpets are less likely to shrink, even and if they are made from natural fibers. Choose the right company and your carpet will stay the same size after its been cleaned!

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