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In order to grow, mold needs moisture, oxygen, a food source and a surface to grow on. Mold spores are commonly found naturally in the air. If they land on a damp or wet surface that contains dust to feed on, mold growth will soon follow. Carpeting can provide an ample breeding ground for mold if conditions are right. Carpet that has been affected by mold can be hard to deal with. When it gets started in your home, you will have to work very hard to get rid of it. Mold is very common in damp basements and in rooms with poor ventilation. It can be difficult to detect mold growth in carpet because it can thrive underneath the surface. The only way you can determine if you have mold growing in your carpet is to look for the signs.

Signs of Mold in Carpet & Under Pad

1. Increased allergy problems of mold in carpets. Mold growth in carpet can cause health problems. It can cause allergies, asthma, breathing problems and bronchitis. If you or your family members are having higher incidences of these health problems in your home, the culprit might be mold in the carpet. Your home will need a thorough inspection of the carpet if the walls and floors in your home and basement look clean.
2. Mold in carpet has a musty odor. A musty odor close to your carpet is a clear indication that mold is present. It will continue to fester in a damp, enclosed environment. Because we spend a lot of time in our homes it can be hard for us to detect these odors. If you have friends and family that come over and notice a musty odor in your home, you will have to have your carpets inspected.
3. Mold grows in damp carpet. If floors remain wet for more than a day mold growth can start. If you discover that carpet is damp, it might be due to a leak from underneath. This happens most often in basement but can occur anywhere that carpet is close to a water source. Whenever you discover wet carpet you need to dry it as quickly as possible to avoid mold growth.
4. White, green or black mold growth on carpet. If you notice discolored patches on your carpet you most likely have an advanced stage of mold growth. The colors will be white, black and various shades of green. Carpet that is discoloration is caused by the mold colony multiplying on our carpet.
5. Mold growth under the carpet. The sooner you detect mold in your carpet the better. Lift your carpet and thoroughly examine the floor beneath it on a regular basis. Look for a musty odor or any discoloration under the carpet as they are clear signs of mold growth.
6. Positive mold test results. You can purchase a mold testing kit to detect mold growth. These kits test the airflow across your carpet. If there are any mold spores, they will land on the kit and begin to multiply. It’s important to get started on mold removal if you have a positive test result.

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