Summer Carpet Damage in Roswell, GA; Mold Growth, Sun Fading, Heavy Foot Traffic & More

Now that summer is fading and we are heading into the fall months, many homeowners might notice the abuse the summer had on the carpets. With the holidays fast approaching, many people will be looking at options to improve their homes for visitors. Today, we at D & M Carpet Cleaning would like to share the impact the summer has had on your carpets.

Conditions Good for Mold Growth

The microscopic mold spores can take seed and grow with the encouragement of the summer heat and humidity, even in the dry climates, produced from rainstorms and other sources. The carpets often host microbes such as bacteria, mold spores, and mildew and these flourish frequently the conditions summer brings. The mold and mildew can sprout from the moisture caused from kids playing in the pool or even the sprinklers, the summer rain, or the natural humid climates introduce enough moisture to the carpet. Where mold does better in darker locations, it is likely to grow under the carpets, in which more damage has been done than you think. If your carpets have been exposed to moisture during the past summer, you may want to invest in professional cleaning to extract the potential mold growth taking place beneath the surface. You can also check for signs of mold growth.

Sun Fading of Carpet

The sunlight, being so potent during the summer, causes an increase in color fading on your carpet, though most enjoyed the extra hours of day the summer brings. Carpets can look aged, worn, dull, and even dingy when the carpet’s color fade. Not only does the color fade, but the carpet fibers can sustain damage form the intensity of the UV rays. Often the color fading is not noticed until furniture is moved as the effects are a slow transition and not immediately noticed. Carpet cleaning can help revitalize the carpets, and to help prevent sun damage in the future, use curtains, blinds, UV film covers, and/or drapes to offer the carpets more protection. Also, if possible, change the furniture around to even out the wear.

Heavy Foot Traffic on Carpet

The foot traffic traipsing across the carpets during the summer months often increases. Where kids are out of school and the visitors increase, the foot traffic also increases. With the increased abuse with foot traffic, the dirt and debris are tracked inside as well. Professional cleaning can extract the extra summer dirt and debris that has accumulated beneath surface in addition to helping the fibers relax to their original state. Extra vacuuming and keeping shoe wearing on the carpets can also help now and in the summer.

Allergens, Beetles & Pests on Carpet

During the summer months the insect activity is usually higher, and the allergens are also increasingly high. Brought in on the bottom of shoes, on our pets, and so many other circumstances inadvertently, the carpets can easily harbor the allergens and tiny insects that came in. In addition to vacuuming the carpets more often and implementing walk-off mats, make sure the landscaping is well-kept for the next season.

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