How to Remove Old Foundation, Lipstick & Makeup Stains from Carpet in Sandy Springs, GA

Part of the morning routine that seems to take place in many homes with girls of all ages is make up. Make up is usually a part of the process when girls and women get ready to start their day. There are also times that make up is part of the fun and games when girls get together. There are internet challenges that you blind fold a friend and they apply make up to you. There are also tutorials that you can use to learn the best technique to better your methods. There are many types of makeup that are used on a regular basis. That means that you need to know what to do when the makeup application does not go according to plan and some happens to get on your carpet. There are methods that you want to use to get makeup out of your carpet depending on the type that is on the floor. DM Carpet Cleaning outlines the best way to get makeup stains out of your carpet.

Removing Lipstick Off a Carpet

One of the types of makeup that you may be stuck trying to clean off your carpet. The lipstick is usually in a tube and when it breaks off it can land on your carpet. The lipstick has dye in it that can have an effect on your carpet fibers. You need to be careful with how you get the lipstick off. You need to start by using a spoon to carefully scoop as much of the excess as you can without spreading it out. Then you need to work on cleaning the rest of the stain that will include the dye as well as wax or oil. You can use a solvent that is for dry cleaning that has the ability to break these down and allow you the chance to remove them.

How to Get Powder Makeup Out of Carpet

There are lots of items that are used when you do your makeup and one of them is powder foundation. This is a product that is used after you set your liquid foundation and offers a matte finish. The powder is applied with some sort of brush and often it is loose powder. The powder can drop on the ground but it is not likely to leave a stain if it is removed. The best way to start is to get the vacuum out and run over the area. You may need to use warm water and dish soap to clean the area for any remnants that might exist.

Remedies to Get Eyeliner Out of Carpet

You also want to make sure that you know how to remove eyeliner from your carpet. There are many types but the one that seems to be used often is liquid eyeliner. The liquid can be dropped and leave a mess on the carpet. The best way to do that is to use water and vinegar to treat the area. Use a clean cloth and dip it in your cleaning solution. Then dab at the area to remove the staining. You may need to repeat the process if the stain is spread around.

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