Summer Carpet Damage in Atlanta, GA; Sunlight, Heavy Foot Traffic, Stains, Allergens & More

Many people are thinking about family vacations they can take with the kids out of school and what fun they can have during the warm months with summer fast approaching. Not too many are considering how the summer will impact their carpets. But the summer can bring some potential dangers to your carpets that are more likely than the rest of the year and we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to relate them today to help you better prepare carpets to avoid these issues.

How to Avoid Carpet Stains & Damage this Summer

1) Heavy Foot Traffic on Carpet. The foot traffic traipsing across the carpets increases during the summer months. Kids are home all day, or maybe you have been charged with watching the grandkids during the summer break as well as the extra guests that come through during the summer.
Place a walk-off mat at the entry points and encourage everyone to wipe their feet to contribute to managing the dirt and debris that is tracked inside. Be sure to sweep the mats off as frequently as needed. Where ever the traffic enters and exits set out the indoor mats as well and ensure they also are cleaned periodically. Instill the “no shoes on the carpet” rule and vacuum the carpets more frequently.
2) Sunlight Carpet Damage. The sun’s rays are the most potent during the summer and the summer has more hours of daylight. The UV rays damage the carpet fibers and the intensity of the UV rays causes the carpet’s color to fade. Though this happens all year, the summer impacts the carpet’s color the most. It is a gradual loss and homeowners don’t typically notice it until they move furniture around and see the comparison. Not only does the color look obviously faded, but it makes the carpet look worn. Keep your windows cover during the hours the sun is directly shining through to help prevent the carpet’s color from fading as well as the UV damage. To give the carpets more protection, invest in window treatments such as blinds, curtains, UV film covers, and/or drapes. To even out the wear from the sunlight exposure. Consider rearranging the furniture around every 6-12 months if you have the space.
3) Allergens and Pests on Carpet. Allergens are often at their peak and insects are at their most active during the summer months. Carpets can easily harbor pests and allergens that have been unknowingly brought inside and settled in your carpets. Make sure the carpets are vacuumed well daily, or as often as possible and walk-off mats are in place and cleaned regularly to minimize the allergens and unwanted insects. Make sure the lawn and vegetation is well trimmed and the air filters are routinely changed.
4) Potential Microbe & Mold Growth on Carpet. Moisture and the summer heat can promote microbe growth that includes mold and mildew. Whether it is due from the kids playing in the pool or indulging in water games with squirt guns or sprinklers, the moisture and warm temperatures can easily give any hidden mold spores or other bacteria the opportunity to blossom. Mold especially does better in dark places, the odds of it growing under the carpets are high and you will likely not even notice the growth until the damage is done. To prevent the mold, contain the moisture. Keep the carpets dry by ensuring the windows are tightly closed during the summer days or especially humid days. Keep the kids outside until they are dry before coming in or have them immediately get in the shower after the water fun. If any water makes contact with the carpets use a dry, clean towel to dry the area as quickly as possible.

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