Emergency Carpet Water Extraction, Cleanup & Damage Restoration in Sandy Springs, GA

Homes become flooded for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, one thing remains the same. You better act quickly. The faster you can dry out your home and carpets the less damage will be done. It does not take long for water to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in your home. Electronics can be damaged past the point of repair, furniture can be ruined, drywall will likely swell and need replacing. But, with the help of DM Carpet Cleaning and depending on the type of water that has breached your home, you may be able to save your floors, time, and money!

Carpet Water Damage Restoration Process

Clean water sources that flood your home such as those from broken clean water supply lines or overfilled sinks and tubs are the easiest to clean and if caught in time can be repaired and restored with little fuss. If it is not caught in time, it can turn to a gray or black water contamination and will likely need replacing. When this type of damage occurs, you should call DM Carpet Cleaning right away, so we can come inspect your home and assess the damage done. While waiting, limit the amount of traffic that is allowed to pass over the carpet. This can weaken the latex backing and cause it to separate and come apart. The water will first be extracted using powerful, state of the art truck mounted equipment to remove the bulk of the moisture, then the drying process will begin. Special fans will be brought in to dry any excess moisture. During this process leave windows open to air out the home or turn on your HVAC system to help with the drying while still limiting the traffic allowed to cross over carpet. Once the drying has been completed DM Carpet Cleaning will then begin the sanitizing and restoration process through steam cleaning which will kill up to 99% of the harmful bacteria that has been left behind. They will then treat your carpets to avoid the nauseating odor that comes from water damage leaving your carpets fresh and clean again.

What is Grey Water?

Gray water is unsanitary water that can cause illness if contacted through either skin or by being ingested. Gray water sources come from punctured water beds, large fish aquariums, dishwashers, washing machines etc. Because gray water is considered partially polluted it is likely that carpet and padding will need to be ripped up, thrown away, then replaced.

Black Water Definition

Black water contamination comes from overflowing rivers and streams, seawater, sewage backups, etc. This type of water breaching your home is bad news, it contains pathogenic agents and is grossly contaminated. Unfortunately, this is the worst type of contamination a home owner can be faced with.

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Because gray and black water are polluted by microbes, chemicals, and pathogens, the clean-up must be handled by a professional and anything the water has touched will need to be properly disposed of or sanitized by someone who is wearing proper equipment such as air purifying respirators, shoe covers and latex gloves. DM Carpet Cleaning has the right tools for the job and will work quickly to remove the contamination from your home. You should avoid entering the dwelling at all costs to ensure the health and safety of you and your loved ones. DM Carpet Cleaning has over a decade of experience treating and restoring water damaged homes, we know just what to do to take some of the stress off your shoulders in these trying times. Give us a call today and we will be on our way!

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