Steam Cleaner VS Standard Mop & Bucket in Milton, GA; Which Mops Sanitize Tile & Grout & More

Tile and grout flooring are among the durable options for floors and it is among the easiest to maintain. Generally, maintenance involves removing the dust and debris and washing the floor free from spots and residues. Additional, maintenance includes sealing, polishing, and professional cleaning on a routine basis. When it comes to home maintenance, many people are torn with the options when it comes to washing the tile and grout flooring. There is standard or traditional mopping, as well as steam mopping. Where both have their advantages, people can be at a loss as to which is best. With this in mind, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to talk about standard mopping versus steam mopping.

Standard Mop & Bucket with Wringer

When you are ready to wash the tile flooring, most grab the bucket of hot water or their preferred tile and grout cleaner and a mop. With many traditional mops including sponge type mops, dust mops, rope mops, and flat mops, among others, traditional mopping is selected according to preference. Standard mopping also includes washing the floor with the bucket and down on the knees. Any of these, more so than others, requires energy, stamina, and a little elbow grease.

Tile Steam Cleaner

For some time now, steam mopping has been applied to cleaning purposes and they are designed for many enhancements in cleaning, including a boost in efficiency and to expedite the cleaning process. With so many models available, they all offer their own benefits, but in whole, they are mobile and simplify your cleaning efforts. These cleaning tools not only wash the obvious spots and filth, but it also destroys the invisible germs. The steam cleaning promotes temperatures that are enough, which eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria that lead to common illnesses. Additionally, the potentially harmful cleaning chemicals, are not necessary, making steam mopping more eco-friendly, safer and cost effective. As many are aware, chemical cleaners can be hard on sensitive, especially kids and pets. Eliminating these hazards with steam mop can make cleaning safer.

Benefits of Steam Tile Cleaning

– Minimize the tools you need to haul around to get the tile floors clean.
– What traditional mopping can’t do with killing germs, steam cleaning does.
– Safer for pets, kids, and the environment without the need of chemical cleaners.
– With the right steam model, you can get one that is diverse and able to clean other hard surface floors in addition to countertops and shower walls.
– Steam mopping eliminate scrubbing.
– Dry time is less with steam cleaning as it uses minimal water.
– Removed from equation is potentially harmful cleaning chemicals.

Pros of Traditional Mopping

– Steam cleaners rely on steam for cleaning, if you prefer the scented cleaners, you need to wash the floor with the cleaners.
– Optimal for people with energy to burn, traditional mopping takes more work.
– Though initially inexpensive to purchase, as a potential benefit; however, the cost is adds up with buckets, detergents, and replacement heads.

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