What’s In & On Your Dirty Couch in Hapeville, GA? Body Fluid Stains, Bugs, Germs & More

When you set up the cleaning schedule for your house many people break it down into areas. This might mean bathrooms are done once a week and the carpets are vacuumed every other day. The kitchen is a daily routine and of course you have to dust. These are all things that you need to keep up on if you want your house to look and feel clean. These are all areas that you know need your attention and you want to make sure to have them on your schedule. One area of the home that you might be overlooking is a space that you spend some of your time and anyone that comes for a visit will use as well. The couches are a place that you can sit around and relax or enjoy a conversation of your favorite television show. The problem is that you may not have thought about the messes, germs and dirt that can be found on your couch. It is a good idea to make sure that you add couch cleaning and upholstery cleaning to your schedule as well.

DM Carpet Cleaning Outlines Why You Need to Deep Clean Your Sofa Upholstery

Body Fluid Stains on Couches: One of the things that you want to be aware of that can be on your couches is body fluids. This can be anything from saliva to sweat. These are things that you do not want to have on your couches and your upholstery when your guests arrive. The couch is a place that you go to relax and that might be at the end of the day after you have been out working. This can also be laying your child down for a nap on the couch and they are sweating or drooling. They also could have an accident that leaves urine on the couch as well. You want to make sure that these messes are removed and the best way to do that is to have your upholstery cleaned.
Germs & Bacteria on Sofa: The other problem that you will come across when you choose to skip upholstery cleaning is that there will be germs and bacteria on the couch. This can be from many sources. One of them is if anyone is in the house and sick the germs that they are carrying around can be left on the surfaces. This can then lead to other people in the house becoming sick as well. There are some bacteria’s and germs that will last days on the surface and you want to make sure that you care for.
Bugs & Pests on Upholstered Furniture: There are some pests that live on upholstery that include dust mites. They can be found on your carpets, upholstery and other areas of the house. When you run your vacuum you are likely removing some of them but professional carpet cleaning is the best way to remove them all. The same goes for removing dust mites from the upholstery as well. The upholstery cleaning service will remove the unwanted pests that might be taking up space in your house.

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