Professional Mattress Cleaning to Remove Urine, Sweat & Other Bodily Fluid Stains in Duluth, GA

It is recommended you have your mattress cleaned at least twice a year. Mattresses acquire bacteria and pests like dust mites as well as bed bugs. Over time sweat, dead skin, and accidental stains from little ones will make your mattress a health hazard. This is why, for proper sanitation and for healthy living, mattress cleaning is essential. DM Carpet Cleaning will share a few steps to help clean your mattresses in between professional treatments.

How to Clean Mattress Urine & Other Stains

Step 1. Start by removing all bedding from off your mattress. Wash all bedding in hot water as well as dry with high heat. This will disinfect and kill any pest that may be in your sheets and bedding.
Step 2. The next step is to vacuum the surface of the mattress. You can use a regular vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. As commercial grade vacuums will do the job, they do lack the deep penetration of a professional mattress cleaner’s vacuum. There are several mattress vacuum cleaners on the market that are designed to clean mattresses. You can acquire one for about $250 is you wish to invest in one.
Step 3. After vacuuming the mattress, this is the time to tend to any spots or stains on the mattress. It is recommended you use upholstery cleaner or an enzyme based pet odor remover that also works well on human bodily fluids. You can also you warm water and dish soap if you choose. This solution works well on many of the stains you might have.
Step 4. The next step will be to deodorize the mattress. Sprinkle heavily baking soda all over the entire mattress surface. Allow it to set for a few hours, or if able, a whole day for best results.
Step 5. The next step will of course be to vacuum up the baking soda. Again use a vacuum for mattress cleaning or your upholstery attachment to remove the baking soda.
Step 6. To disinfect you can use a mixture of either water and hydrogen peroxide, or water and vinegar to kill any bacteria that may be left on the surface of the mattress. You can use a spray bottle to spread the disinfecting mixture on the surface of the mattress.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Although this is a good method for the maintenance cleaning of your mattresses, it is not meant for a deep cleaning or sterilization of your mattress. You should contact a professional mattress cleaning service to deep clean your mattresses at least once a year if not twice. Professionals have the equipment to penetrate deep into the mattress and extract bacteria as well as kill any pest that might be lurking well inside the mattress.

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People spend about one third of their lives on their mattresses. Therefore, it is important to keep them properly cleaned to prevent any illnesses or disease. Make sure that you take the time to clean your mattresses quarterly to prevent any germs, bacteria or pest from infecting your body and sleep. If it is time to have your mattresses deep-cleaned by a professional, contact DM Carpet Cleaning. We provide many services including mattress cleaning. We will deep clean and sanitize your mattress. Call us today to schedule your mattress cleaning.

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