What NOT to Use When You Clean Your Tile & Grout in Roswell, GA; Dish Soap, Bleach, Acid & More

One of the worst and most time consuming areas of a home to clean is the grout between the tile. The grout is usually a small line that has been put down after the tile has been placed as a way to hold the tile in place. It is also a way to stop moisture from getting under the tile pieces. If moisture is able to get under the tile it can firstly turn into mold and mildew. It can also cause the adhesive under the tile to become loose and that can make the tile wobble and potentially loosen and lift up. When cleaning the tile and grout you are usually on your hands and knees dealing with a small area at a time. You may think that you are cleaning the grout and the tile but you can easily be damaging it if you are using the wrong cleaners.

DM Carpet Cleaning List What Cleaners To Stay Away From When Cleaning Your Tile & Grout

Never Use Dish Soap to Clean Tile & Grout: When you think back to your mom cleaning the tile and grout in your family’s kitchen, you might remember a bucket with soapy water. They used to throw some warm water with some general dish soap and drop a mop in to wash the floors. There are some problems with using soap to clean your tiles and it can be causing damage. The dish soap is an extremely hard cleaner to remove completely. The residue that is left over can cause the tile to become dirty faster than normal. The other problem is that the soap can get stuck in the grout lines and that will attract dirt that can start to break down the grout and cause it to break apart.
Don’t Clean Tile With Bleach: Bleach is an amazing cleaning product that is used to disinfect many items. You can dilute it and clean children’s toys, beds and even toilets. Bleach is also used to clean clothes and keep them looking nice and white. Although it is a great way to clean it is terrible for your tile floors and grout. The bleach will quickly soak into the grout lines and start to break down the grout lines. The grout will become soft and easily broken. As pieces begin to break off, the moisture from spills and mopping can end up getting under the tile; potentially damaging the tile as well.
Don’t Use Acid to Clean Tile & Grout: No one goes out of their way to find acid to clean with. Acid is a chemical that is usually fairly extreme and not brought into a home. The problem is that you may decide to grab a cleaner from the store and not read the ingredient list. The list could contain some level of acid. The acid not only will start to immediately break down the grout but can also take the shine off the tile as well.

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The best way to ensure that your tile and grout is cleaned appropriately is to hire a professional. DM Carpet Cleaning can handle all your floor and furniture cleaning and more.

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