How to Get Dried, Set In Grape Fruit Juice & Soda Stains Out of White Carpet & Couches in Conyers, GA

When you are dealing with tiny toddlers or even adults that tend to spill you are constantly running around cleaning spots and stains. These things are a problem because if they are not taken care of quickly you can end up with damaged carpet that will need to be replaced. When you look into the replacement cost of carpet it is better to clean them appropriately to save you money. The carpeting in your home is a huge part of the homes d├ęcor so caring for it is necessary. Most people want their homes to look nice and the carpet is a big part. Stains can leave the home looking dirty and messy so knowing how to care for particular stains is a great way to stay ahead of the game.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists the Best Way to Remove a Grape Stain on Your Carpets

Get Carpet Cleaning Right Away: When you are dealing with a stain especially one that has a lot of color or dye it is best to start the cleaning immediately. This is the best way to get the stain to come out completely before it has time to set in. A grape juice stain has some major dye and acid in it so the risk of it causing permanent damage is high. The faster you get to the stain to treat it the better it will be. If you see a stain much later after it has had time to dry it may take more effort to remove it.
Test Spot Carpet Stains: When you are ready to clean a stain on your carpet with any kind of cleaner it is always best to test the cleaner. You need to prepare whatever cleaning solution you are going to use to clean the grape juice stain and do a test run in a spot that is not noticeable. Most people choose to test a small area in the inside of a closet. That way if the test does not go according to plan it is still hidden away. If you use the solution as it was recommended and you notice that it is changes the fibers of the carpet do not use it anywhere else and go with a different cleaning solution.
Never Rub The Carpet Stain: The worst thing that you can do with a stain that is dark in color like grape juice is to rub the spot with a rag. When you rub back and forth with a rag you are essentially spreading the stain out and making the spot even bigger. You should only apply pressure and blot at the spot.
Best Carpet Cleaning Solution For Grape Juice Stains: You can start with a very simple solution that uses about two cups of warm water and two tablespoons of dish soap. These can be mixed together to make a solution that can be applied to the area. Then blot with a fresh rag and repeat as necessary. If you need a more intense cleaner you can use two cups of warm water, two tablespoons of dish soap and a cup of hydrogen peroxide. This can be spritz on the area and blotted to remove the stain and excess liquid.

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If you have tried to treat a stain or you are not sure what process to use it is always the best idea to use a professional carpet cleaning service. DM Carpet Cleaning has the tools, equipment and cleaning solutions that will get the job done right! Contact us today!

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