Professional Carpet Stain Removal in Norcross, GA; Coffee, Blood, Red Wine, Ink, Pet Stains & More

Dealing with carpet stains can be challenging, other times fairly simple. Tackling stains immediately contributes to success along with finding the most optimal cleaners and techniques. You can often remove spots yourself but there are some more stubborn stains that no matter what you attempt, you can only lighten them, at best. These stains are better left to the professional’s expertise that come equipped with powerful equipment and cleaners to make those difficult stains disappear. With that in mind, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to briefly discuss the most common stains better left for professional removal.

Professional Carpet Stain Remover Tips

Coffee Carpet Stains: Notoriously known to be difficult to remove from carpets, coffee represent a challenge, especially when they sit for extended periods of time. When treating coffee stains, you are giving a false sense of accomplishment as the stain seems to fade. But these stains will never completely be removed and often leave behind an unsightly yellowish-brown and pungent spot. With powerful state-of-the-art extracting equipment and deep cleaning detergents, coffee stains and their odors are removed with ease by an experienced professional.
Juice and Red Wine Carpet Stains: Red wine and juices are indeed stubborn stains and difficult to absolve. Like with any stain, the best time to wipe it clean is immediately, but when the wine or juice stains are left to dry into the carpet, removing them on your own can be next to impossible. In order to get these stains out, experts have the equipment and cleaners that are effective at removing these hard stains.
Blood Carpet Stains: Blood is another agent that if not treated promptly will be a challenge to remove, but even with a quick response; sometimes your efforts are unfruitful. Blood, like other liquids, are even more difficult to remove once it has had an opportunity to set in; which is likely. Typically, when blood is spilt on the carpet, the first priority is to treat the wound that produced the blood, giving the blood enough time to set into the fibers. With hydrogen peroxide or other similar products, you can successfully remove the stain, but at the cost of lightening the carpets color permanently. With professional assistance, the experts can remove the stains without damage the carpets.
Ink and Marker Carpet Stains: Markers and pens can often break and bleed, or small children might get a hold of them and see carpet as a clear canvas, in any case, ink or marker is one of the most complex stains tom to remove, and like the rest, once it has a chance to set into the fibers, the more complicated it becomes to remove. Many remedies will often cause damage to the carpets but with a pro performing the stain removal, the stains are removed and the carpet preserved.
Pet Carpet Stains: Pet stains are hit and miss when it comes to efficient removal as well as neutralizing the odors. The occasional accident, if immediately tended to can be cleaned with the right approach, but the chronic accidents combined with time to penetrate deep into the fibers and carpet padding, it isn’t easily accomplished. With quality equipment and enzyme enhanced cleansers, professionals can get pet stains and odors completely removed.

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If you have any of these difficult stains or others not mentioned that prove to be challenging to remove, call in the experts of DM Carpet Cleaning and let us restore your carpets back to their original glory.

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