How to Clean, Fluff, Revive & Remove Stains from Large, Shaggy, High Pile Rugs in Alpharetta, GA

High pile, or better known as shag style rugs, is making a major comeback. Many homes are filled with these soft and comfortable rugs. Especially with winter coming on, shag rugs are ever so warm on our feet. However, as many high pile rug or shag rug owners may have discovered, they can be difficult to clean. DM Carpet Cleaning will share the proper steps and methods to clean shag style rugs.

How to Clean a Large, Shaggy Rug

Rugs, just like carpet, hold in dust and dirt along with crumbs and indoor allergens that requires removal. The main problem with high or even medium pile rugs and carpets is they can hold and hide much of the dust and debris without looking dirty. Because of this, most high pile area rugs don’t get cleaned regularly. Because area rugs will go a long time in between cleaning, they can be difficult to fully clean when the time comes. To remove the dirt from a high pile rug, you can use two methods or both for a deeper clean. You can use a rug beater which helps loosen and remove much of the compacted dirt and debris out of the rug. You can then use a lightly powered vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle head attachment to remove the remaining dirt. You can use both of course. However, be careful when you use the vacuum cleaner. If it is too powerful, it can damage the rug by pulling on the piles or fibers.

How to Remove Stains from Shaggy Area Rugs

When it comes time to clean stains or spills on high pile rugs, it is best to act fast. The deeper the stain soaks into the rug, the harder it becomes to get out. If a spill occurs, immediately grab a white cloth and gently press down on the spill to help soak up most of the liquid. If the stain has set awhile, use foam based carpet or rug cleaners to help lift the stain up and out of the carpet. Most rugs will come with a sticker or tag on the back with proper cleaning instructions. Depending on the blend of materials used to make the rug, the cleaning methods will vary. Some basic tips when cleaning a high pile rug is to never over saturate the rug. High pile rugs take a long time to dry and mold and mildew can occur. Often, if a high pile rug is over soaked, it helps to dry it out with fans and if possible a dehumidifier. For major or deep cleanings it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Best Shaggy Rugs for High Traffic Areas

It helps to know which high pile rugs are the easiest to clean for those high traffic rooms. It is best to avoid using silk or flokati rugs which are difficult to clean without ruining them. If you want a high pile or shag rug for its warmth, look, and comfort for high traffic areas like play rooms, living rooms or even the kid’s bedroom, it would be better to buy a shag rug made with wool. Wool rugs are some of the easiest rugs to clean and they are recommended for high traffic areas.

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