How to Clean & Remove Candle, Body & Other Wax Stains from Carpet in Sandy Springs, GA

Have you had a birthday party where the song went on for too long? The candles are starting to drip and when they are blown out the wet wax spatters onto the carpet! What about leaving a aromatic candle burning when someone knocks it off the table? These are all simple and common ways that wet wax gets on your carpet. Wax is from candles and also from some beauty techniques to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth. If you happen to find wax is on the carpet you need to know the best process to get it out. With most stains and spots you want to get to them and start cleaning them as quickly as possible. The problem with wax is that it will go from wet to dry in a matter of seconds! In less than a minute the wax will have turned hard and that means that the moment to clean it when it was wet has passed already. You need to use the right technique to clean the wax off the carpet to ensure that it has been removed completely.

DM Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips on Getting Spilled Wax Off Your Carpets

Remove Wax from Carpet: When you are dealing with a wax spill you need to be sure that you start by removing the wax that is not stuck to the carpet. The wax can be thick and will dry very fast. The best way to remove the excess wax is to use a hard card or butter knife to pick off what you can. Be sure that you take care when doing this so you don’t damage the carpet fibers underneath. You want to go slow and methodically to work each area one at a time. Make sure that you remove the wax and then pick it up as you go. This will ensure that the wax won’t stick to the carpet again.
Heat the Wax Spill on Carpet to A Liquid with an Iron or Hairdryer: Now that you have gotten rid of the majority of the wax you can work on getting what is stuck to the carpet fibers. You need to collect several items to do this work that include a hot iron and a paper bag. Make sure that you have a few bags so that you can use them to do the process again if necessary. Start by heating the iron that you use for your clothes to a setting that does not emit steam. Although the iron to heat while you apply the brown paper sack to the area. Apply pressure as well as heat with the iron to the spot to allow the wax to turn back to liquid. The wax will turn to liquid and soak into the paper bag and pull away from the carpet fibers. You can pull the bag away while it is still hot and the wax will come with it. You may need to apply this process more than once to get all the remnants.

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