Professional Carpet Cleaning VS DIY Rental of Steam Cleaner in Hapeville, GA; Water Extraction, Stain Removal & More

One area of your home that is often overlooked more than others is your carpet. The carpet in your home takes a beating throughout the year from heavy foot traffic, pets, dirt, dust and grime. If you are not having your carpets professionally cleaned at least 2-3 times a year then you are shortening the life of your carpet. When carpet is not regularly deep cleaned it collects allergens, bacteria and other materials that not only affect the life of your carpet, but also the health of your family. Many homeowners make the mistake of making carpet cleaning a DIY project. DM Carpet Cleaning will clean your carpets and leave them spotless, so leave the hard work to professionals!

DIY Carpet Cleaning Takes More Time, Effort & Money with Poor Results

Taking on the project of cleaning your own carpets may seem like a pretty simple task, however many home owners do not realize what a time consuming job it really is. It takes a great deal of time to prepare each room to be properly cleaned, moving around furniture, vacuuming up every piece of dust and making sure everything is ready for the carpet to be cleaned. To effectively clean your carpet you must put in a great deal of effort, going over every area of carpet meticulously to make sure you are removing any spots, stains and dirt. It is necessary to block out an entire day minimum to thoroughly clean your home’s carpet. Many home owners believe that they will save money by cleaning their carpets on their own, however after you have purchased the proper cleaning materials, rented a steam cleaner from the hardware store, run out of cleaner and have to go back to purchase more because you didn’t know it goes so fast, you will be feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and wishing that you called a professional to get the job done right.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is Worth It!

One of the biggest complaints that homeowners express after cleaning their carpets on their own is that they cannot get their carpet completely dry. It is difficult to remove all the moisture from your carpet that you have scrubbed into it, and if moisture is not completely removed, you may find yourself with more than just wet carpet. Moisture trapped inside of the fibers of your carpet will not only attract more dirt but can even cause the growth of mold and mildew throughout your home. This will also result in a sour smell throughout your residence. Mold inside of your home is dangerous for you and your family and should be taken care of immediately. Professional Cleaning is the best way to ensure that your carpets are clean and healthy for your family.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & More in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville & Atlanta Georgia

DM Carpet Cleaning’s trained and experienced carpet cleaning technicians use a powerful truck mounted steam cleaning process with powerful extraction that provides deeper, longer lasting clean for a healthier home. Your carpets will be dry in a matter of hours rather than having to wait days for them to completely dry out. Contact DM Carpet Cleaning today for the best professional carpet cleaning available.

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