How to Remove Pet & Other Odors from Carpet in Chattahoochee Hills , GA; Neutralize Odor, Clean & Deodorize

If you have carpet in your home, you know that it is a comfortable and great looking flooring option. They are a nice touch to a bedroom or a family room and add some warmth to the room. The problem is that the carpet acts like a sponge for spills and stains. The spills can set quickly in the carpet fibers and soak all the way down to the padding. This can make removing the stains difficult and getting rid of the odor that goes along with the spill even harder to treat. It is always a great idea to try and remove the stain and odor as soon as possible. If you are unable to get to the stain quickly you may need to hire a professional to come out and treat the stains and clean the carpet for you. There are some treatments that you can try to remove odors that are set in your carpets. DM Carpet Cleaning has a list of odor removing methods you can try on your own carpets.

Does Baking Soda Remove Odors from Carpet?

When you think about the use of baking soda you are most likely going to think of fresh baked cookies or other baked goods. You may also even think of an open container in a fridge to help absorb the smells of food in the refrigerator. These are both great uses but it can be used to eliminate odor in other areas as well. You can take the baking soda and spread it over the area that has the odor. This can be a pet stain or some other spill such as coffee. Put the baking soda over the spot and allow it to set for up to 24 hours. After it has had time to set you can vacuum up the excess with a vacuum cleaner. The baking soda will have soaked up any extra moisture that can be causing the odor.

Vinegar on Carpet for Odor Removal?

You can make a mixture that can be used to spray on an area that is already dried up. You can use a spray bottle and mix nice warm water and a few tablespoons of vinegar for odor removal. Spray the mixture on the area that needs to be treated and allow it to set for up to five minutes. After the allotted time you want to use a clean wash cloth to out pressure on the area. This will pull up the soak as well as the odor causing spill or stain.

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If you are not satisfied with these methods of treating odor on your carpet you can call a professional. We have the tools and the expertise to come out and spot treat the worst areas and clean the entire carpet at the same time. This is a great way to eliminate the odor, remove stains and generally clean the carpets all together. DM Carpet Cleaning specializes in carpet stain and odor removal. Contact us today!

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