Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Hapeville, GA; Recipe for Pet Hair, Odor & Urine Stain Removal

It’s inevitable, carpets get dirty! Kids, high traffic areas, inconsiderate guests and perhaps the biggest offenders of all, our pets; all contribute to dirt and grime in and on our flooring. Common pet odors such as urine or that persistent “dog smell” can be hard to get rid of. The experts at DM Carpet Cleaning use environmentally friendly cleaning products in conjunction with the latest advancements in cleaning equipment. DM Carpet Cleaning is a full service carpet cleaning company servicing both residential and commercial customers in the metro Atlanta area. But it’s not just pet odors and urine that can wreak havoc in your home. Pet dander is another common problem when it comes to pets and carpets. Pet Dander can be hard to get rid of and can have serious health consequences including allergies and breathing disorders. Dander consists of tiny flakes of dead skin that continuously fall off our pets; incredibly light it can become airborne. Once the dander settles in, it often gets trampled into the carpet fibers and is extremely difficult to remove. DM Carpet Cleaning has some DIY suggestions for eliminating the smell for the occasional pet accident.

How Do You Get Dog Smell Out of a Couch & Carpet?

When it comes to urine, removing odors can appear to be an almost impossible task. D&M Carpet Cleaning suggests purchasing an enzymatic based pet odor remover from your local pet supply store. These types of cleaners are comprised of natural enzymes that can eat away at the natural materials that cause urine to smell. Test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area first then pour the cleaner on the stained area, being sure to saturate the carpet and carpet pad. Cover the area with a piece of cardboard and wait. Remember time is your friend and the longer you allow the cleanser to sit, the longer the enzymes contained in the cleanser have to work at eradicating the smell.

DIY Pet Urine Odor Removal from Carpet and Furniture

Pet urine is not the only offensive pet odor. Persistent smells can seriously affect your ability to enjoy your living areas. For common pet odors D&M Carpet Cleaning recommends sprinkling baking soda on high traffic pet areas and places your pooches like to spend time lying down. Let the baking soda sit before vacuuming, this simple and quick fix can work wonders for freshening up a room. Gather up pet bedding and collars and leashes etc. and wash them in the washing machine. If you are squeamish about sharing your washer with your pets, take the bedding and other items to your local laundromat. Wash with a good quality laundry detergent that contains baking soda. Bathe your four legged friends once a month and finish with a spray on pet freshener.

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning & More in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville & Atlanta Georgia

For a true deep clean consult with your DM Carpet Cleaning technician. At DM Carpet Cleaning we use hot water extraction method with truck mounted units. Environmentally friendly cleaners and deodorizers remove stains and eliminate the smells that accompany them, ensuring that your carpets receive the deepest clean possible. Sometimes you will miss a pet stain when it occurs and it may go unnoticed until it has dried and set into the carpet. At DM Carpet Cleaning we use a black light to detect areas where accidents have occurred. We ensure that we locate all areas that your pets have used and clean those areas thoroughly to make sure the odors are completely eradicated. Contact DM Carpet Cleaning today and speak with a customer service professional. Ask about our spot, stain and pet odor removal service. We also offer a carpet protection service to guard against future stains.

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