Carpet Restoration After Flood Damage in Druid Hills, GA; Water Extraction, Drying, Cleaning, Deodorizing & More

For many homeowners, water damage in their home can be devastating. While many may automatically think you have to replace your carpet if you have water damage, this just isn’t true. You can restore that carpet and save yourself a lot of money if the situation is handled right. DM Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about what needs to happen to be able to salvage your carpet after experiencing water damage in your home.

Amount of Water Damage

If you have a massive water leak and there are several inches of standing water in your basement, you could have a more difficult time getting rid of it and restoring your existing carpet. The more water that has soaked into the carpet, pad and the subfloor, the more difficult it is going to be to get rid of it. Sometimes it can be hard for a homeowner to come to this conclusion on their own, but with the help of a carpet cleaning professional, they can help you determine what the best course of action is.

Time Water is Left Standing on Carpet

Time is a big factor in whether or not your carpet can be restored or if you are better off replacing it. If the leak has gone undetected for several days before you noticed it, you may not be able to salvage the carpet. Within 48 hours of the carpet getting wet, action needs to be taken. If you don’t move fast, mold and mildew will start growing and you will have to get rid of the carpet and replace it. When mold and mildew start growing on your carpet, it can be a serious health hazard.

Where Water is Coming From

The type of water that is leaking on your carpet also play a role in whether or not it can be saved. If you simply have a leak that is potable water, you shouldn’t have a problem restoring the carpet. However, if you are dealing with an overflowing toilet or sewage of any kind, don’t even think about saving the carpet. The bacteria and health risk that comes with sewage leaking is much greater and you will never want to use that carpet again.

Condition of Carpet

If you have carpet that is over 10 years old that has sustained water damage, you may not want to restore it and will be better off replacing it instead. If your carpet is in good condition and isn’t very old, you will want to put all the effort you can into restoring it rather than replacing it.

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Rather than automatically replacing your carpet when you experience a water leak of some kind in your home, consider calling on the carpet care professionals at DM Carpet Cleaning to help restore your carpet after water damage. We will leave your carpet looking as if no water damage ever happened. Call us today!

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