Sticky Feeling on Carpet in Doraville, GA? How to Clean & Get Glue, Candy Residue & More Out of Carpets

With the way that things are now going there are more and more people that are home when they normally would be gone. It means that there are activities that you are doing in your house that would be done at your workplace or school. There are also activities that are being done so that you have something to do with your free time. Some of this work is necessary such as experiments that are needed for your child to pass their science class. Others can be a project that you just want to do. In the end this means that your home is being used and it will increase the messes that you are stuck taking care of. The messes can be on your counters, walls and floors. If the carpets are being stained and spilled on it is important to know the best way to clean it. You might end up with hard to remove adhesive on your carpets. DM Carpet Cleaning outlines what you can do to get adhesive out of your carpet.

How Does Sticky Stuff Get on Carpet?

There are lots of ways that some form of adhesive can get on your carpets. If you have any type of arts and crafts being done in your home it can leave adhesive on the carpet. It can come from glue that you are using and it can come from tape that is being used. You also may have some adhesive on your carpets if you have an activity that you are doing that you have take apart some packaging. The packaging can have some adhesive on it from the packaging that can get on your carpet. Any time that you are using tape and glue it can leave residue on the carpet that you will need to clean off. Other causes of sticky stuff on carpet can also be candy, gum and other sticky foods.

Why is it So Hard to Remove Adhesive from Carpet?

One of the issues that you have when it comes to adhesive is that it attracts dirt, dust and other debris. If you allow the adhesive to sit on the carpet you will notice that it will start to attract things such as dirt and dust. This will make the area look messy and dirty. The adhesive has to be treated so that it is not attracting more messes and creating stained areas.

How to Remove Sticky Residue from Carpet

You want to make sure that you test any cleaning solutions that you want to use on your carpet. If you have adhesive you can start with scrapping away any excess that you can. You want to make sure that you then use a petroleum based cleaner such as rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive. You want to work in small areas at a time and gently dab with the cleaner on the spot. This will help to bring the adhesive off the carpet so that it leaves the carpet clean and soft.

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