Natural Stone Floor Care & Maintenance in Doraville, GA; Use Proper pH Neutral Cleaning Products & More

Stone floors make any home look beautiful. Sadly, most homeowners do not know how to take care of their stone floors the right way. Many will use the same cleaners they use everywhere else on their stone floors because they don’t know any better or they are just overwhelmed with all the options available when they go to the store. Ask any professional, and they will tell you that the most important part of cleaning your stone floors is to use the right produce. This keeps your tile looking great and lasting as long as possible.

Don’ts of Stone Floor Care

Don’t use vinegar on natural stone floors. Vinegar is a popular choice for many cleaning situations but when it comes to your stone floors, it’s not. It’s actually one of the worst products you can use on stone because it has a high acidity content. Stone surfaces are porous, and vinegar will seep deeply into the stone and begin to break it apart from the inside out.
Don’t use lemon or citrus-based cleaners on stone. Just like vinegar, lemon juice is not a good choice for your stone floors. It’s highly acidic and will penetrate the porous surface of your stone. The stone will slowly disintegrate, become dull, show etch marks, and start to fade.
Don’t use abrasive cleaners on natural stone tile. Abrasive cleaners are good for scrubbing dirt, stains, or skid marks out of surfaces, but not your stone surfaces. The abrasiveness of these products can damage your stone and lead to permanent damage like etching and dullness. Using these products will get you the immediate appearance you’re looking for but will damage the integrity of your stone floors. When the seal on your stone floors breaks down, the rest of the stone will become compromised and becomes suspectable to deeper damage.

Do’s of Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

Do use appropriate stone cleaning products. Having professionals clean your stone floors is the best way to ensure the right products will be used. These products are designed with a neutral pH to remove most of the dirt and stains while maintaining the integrity of your floors. This will also ensure that your floor will look beautiful for years to come.
Do use pH neutral cleaner. Again, vinegar and other products that are acidic are not good for stone flooring. On the flip side, any cleaner that you use regularly that is overly alkaline will have the same affect over time. Make sure you use a cleaner with a neutral pH to maintain the integrity of your stone flooring while removing dirt and stains. If a neutral cleaner can’t get stains out of your stone floor, you should call professionals to avoid any damage.
Do use a clean cloth on stone floors. It’s very important to use a clean cloth or mop anytime you clean your stone floors. It makes sense but may homeowners will overlook this aspect of stone care. If a cloth you use is dirty, or has not been sanitized from a previous cleaning job, you run the risk of spreading that harmful chemical all over your beautiful natural stone and you will have defeated the entire purpose of choosing the right cleaner for your floors.

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