Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance for Cleaner Carpet in Clarkston, GA; Cleaning Inside Hose & More

With the investment of high quality carpets, quite a few homeowners are motivated to take excellent care of their carpets. Instantly treating any kind of substance spills, implementing regular vacuuming and routinely scheduled professional cleaning are the basics to carpet care. Extra efforts include treating the carpets with products that help resist staining other harmful things. To increase the care of your carpets, investing in a high quality vacuum featuring a HEPA filter is optimal. The basic steps on how to clean the commonly used bagless vacuum cleaners is another part of your overall carpet care and we at D&M Carpet Cleaning would like to list these steps today.

Clean Vacuum Cleaner

It is vital that you routinely clean the filter and canister to allow for adequate airflow that is required for effectively operate your bagless vacuum. Be sure that the canister is emptied when it reaches the halfway mark as a part of your maintenance. Every 4-6 weeks is recommended to keeping your vacuum cleaned. Below you will find the basic steps to clean your vacuum, however, before cleaning the vacuum, be sure to read through the manual for specific instructions. You will need:
– Scrubbing brush
– Scissors
– Microfiber cloths
– Dishwashing liquid

Standard Steps for Cleaning a Vacuum

1) Ensure the vacuum is unplugged before you start and remove the canister.
2) Empty the canister and use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the inside to remove residual dust.
3) In a sink of warm soapy water, submerge the canister and give it a good wash down. Make certain you rinse away all of the suds well and set it to the side to airdry. If you are reassembling, make sure the canister is fully dry, as it needs to be completely dry before you click it back in place.
4) Attend the filter and either cleaned or replace it according to the type. Your manual will indicate if your vacuum’s filter is washable or if it should be replaced.
5) Washable filters should have the excess dirt removed first; to do so, knock all the excess dust first against a hard surface, such as outside or inside the trash bin.
6) Under the tap of warm water, rinse the filter thoroughly until the water runs clear. Unless otherwise specified in the manufacturer’s directions in the manual, do not use any soap or cleaners.
7) Give the air filter time to completely dry, which usually needs to be left out overnight. Do not replace the filter until is fully dry.
8) Remove the base plate to access the beater bar for cleaning. Cut away any threads, strings, and hair that is wrapped around the beater bar with the scissors. After they are cut loose, the brush can clean off the debris.
9) Wipe down the bar with a microfiber cloth, after your removal the wound-up stringy stuff.
10) Wipe the base plate with a microfiber cloth. Once you have reassembled the vacuum, be sure to wipe down the exterior of the vacuum.

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