Tile & Grout Care Myths in Druid Hills, GA; Mopping Floors is Enough, DIY Cleaning is Same as Professional & More

Grout is designed to hold tiles in place. Unfortunately, it’s susceptible to stains and damage. While grout is strong, it does hold onto elements like dirt and moisture. Not only can this make your grout and tile look dirty, it can lead to mold growth. Mold can damage the structure of your flooring and lead to health issues. Some of these health issues include allergies, asthma and headaches. It’s important to keep tile and grout clean but there are some myths and misconceptions out here about how to do it.

Myths Around Grout Cleaning

Myth #1- Occasional mopping is enough to keep tile and grout clean. While it’s important to mop your tile and grout, it’s not enough to make sure it remains clean. Some grout isn’t sealed and if it has been, it may need to have it done again. When sealant is absent dirt and other elements will work their way through the grout and under the tiles. When that happens, mopping won’t be enough. In fact, mopping may make it worse as it can drive dirty water under the grout and make the situation worse.
Myth #2- You can clean grout with dish soap. Dish soap is designed to clean your dishes, not your tile and grout. The problem with dish soap is that it can leave a residue behind that can buildup over time and be very difficult to remove.
Myth #3- Using bleach and acidic cleaners is an effective way to clean grout. Yes, bleach and acidic cleaners can be very effective in removing dirt and killing bacteria that lurks in your tile and grout. But it can be bad for your tile in the long run because it can cause you tile to breakdown. The other problem with these products is that they can be harmful to your health as they release vapors.
Myth #4- Scrubbing aggressively will remove dirt form tile and grout. Scrubbing your tile will remove dirt but it will not remove all the dirty that is embedded deep in the nooks and crannies of your tile and grout. All aggressive scrubbing will do is cause potential damage. It can also remove the grout. It’s better to use soft brushes to prevent any surface damage and grout removal.
Myth #5- Sealing grout is the only maintenance needed. Seals are very effective because they prevent dirt and moisture from getting into the grout and under the tile. But don’t assume that adding a sealant is enough to keep your grout clean. As we mentioned, sealants will breakdown and wear away leaving your tile and grout open for potential damage.
Myth #6- You can clean it yourself. It may seem simple enough to clean your tile and grout, and many homeowners will resort to all sorts of techniques to get the job done. It’s best to hire professionals. They will bring the best equipment and use the safest, most effective cleaning chemicals. They also have the experience needed to get your tile and grout looking like new again.

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