Keep your Carpets Safe from Christmas Trees in Duluth GA; Protecting, Cleaning, Water Damage & Stain Removal Tips

Now is the time of year that people will start to decorate their home for the holidays. There is one staple that exists in most homes across the United States and that is the Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees can be bought in a store and you have to store it in the garage and pull it out every year, but many people love the look and smell of a fresh live Christmas tree. The idea that you can go to a tree lot and look around for that perfect tree is a family fun activity. There are many types to choose from but in the end they have the same problems once they are in your house. The tree is cut down and usually tied up to allow it to get to your home. This will cause some of the small pine needles to start to fall off.

D&M Carpet Cleaning has some tips to protect your carpet from your Christmas tree this year.

Sap Stains on Carpet: Each of the pine trees that you purchase for a Christmas tree are going to have some sap that will leak out throughout the time that it is in your home. While you are setting it up and cutting off the bottom of the tree, the sap will be active and can start to drip and ooze. Sap is a hard thing to get out of the carpet if it gets on it, you want to defend against it. One thing that you can do it get an old flat sheet, tarp or plastic to lay out on the carpet while setting up the tree and even decorating it. You can cut a hole out of the middle so you have a spot to set the tree stand up. This will protect the sap that might begin to ooze out and will land on the tarp instead of on the carpet. If you notice sap has gotten on the carpet you want to take time to clean it up right away.

Pine Needles on Carpet: This is one of the down sides to having a live tree. Even if you have a really fresh tree and you water it every day, it is bound to have needles dropping off of it. It can happen with the smallest amount of movement because the tree is slowing losing nutrients. The pine needles can end up clogging up your vacuum cleaner and can be painful if you step on them. You want to make sure that you have a tree skirt that is large enough to catch any falling needles and take time each day to pick up and throw them out. You also want to use the same tarp or sheet to lay out when you are ready to remove the tree because this is when most of the needles are going to fall off.

Water Damage Stains on Carpet: A live tree requires water added to it each day. The water will help keep the tree alive and fresh during the holiday season. The problem is if you start to overfill the water, it can leak out onto the carpet without you even knowing. This can cause the carpet to remain moist and mold can start to grow. Make sure that you inspect your tree stand for leaks and never overfill it.

If you want to have fresh, clean carpets before or after you get your tree set up, call D&M Carpet Cleaning to make an appointment today in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville and Atlanta Georgia.

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