How to Remove Bad Stains & Odors from Carpet & Rugs in Roswell GA Whether from Spills, Pet Accidents or Flood Water Damage

Your carpets are made of many different kinds of materials and all the carpeting is laid on a layer of padding. This is what helps with the comfort of the carpets and makes them feel nice and soft and squishy. The problem is that the carpet and the padding are like a sponge that soak up all the spills that end up on the carpet. In most living rooms which is where most people spend their time, the flooring choice is carpeting. That means that the most used area of your home is carpet and is probably the spot that many accidents and spills happen. This can be from a drink spilling or a pet that has an accident. It can also have damage caused when a flood happens like when a sink over flows or your water heater goes out.

D&M Carpet Cleaning has prepared why these spills, accidents and disasters can cause odor to linger and how you can get them cleaned and removed.

What Causes Carpet Odor? When a carpet has a spill or accident happen on it, the liquid will begin to soak in immediately. If it is water or pet urine, the same thing will occur. Although some liquids can cause more odor than others, they all need to be treated or they could all end up leaving your carpets smelling bad. If a spill or accident takes place, you usually will move quickly to clean it up and remove the stain right away. Even if this happens a household cleaner cannot get deep down in the fibers and the padding which means that it is still there even though you have cleaned it from the surface. The spill will settle in and it can eventually cause the ammonia in the pet stain or the moisture in the liquid to cause mildew to start in the carpet padding.

Professional Carpet Cleaning: If you have noticed that the carpets in your home have a bad odor, you want to be sure that you have them cleaned professionally. This is the best way to get all the stains and the smells off of your carpet. You don’t want to mask the smell that the carpet is causing because the longer you wait the harder it will be to remove later. You want to be sure that you treat the area of concern as soon as possible. A professional carpet cleaner like D&M Carpet Cleaning can come in and help to determine the area that may be causing the smell. We will offer a treatment that will best suit the stains and smell that you have in your home and then use our professional grade carpet cleaning equipment to remove the stains and odors that are deep in the carpet fibers and padding.

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