Is My Old Mattress Making Me Sick? Professional Mattress Cleaning Services in Atlanta, GA

Most people take time to clean their house. There is a rotation on how often each area gets your attention depending on the needs of that area. When it comes to your bedding most people will rotate out their sheets and blankets on their bed to keep their sleeping surface clean. Just like you wash clothes and towels after using them your blankets and sheets need to be washed as well. The problem is that your mattress should not be overlooked either. The mattress acts like a sponge that soaks up everything that it comes in contact with. You may be under the impression that your sheets are blocking the mattress from this debris but it is not. The sheets are porous and that means there is enough space for debris to sneak through and into the mattress. You might not be concerned about it but you should be.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists Benefits of Having Your Mattress Cleaned By A Professional

Mattress Making Me Sick?: When you wake up in the morning and you are feeling your best it can be frustrating. It will put a damper on your day and this is especially true if you are waking up feeling stuffy. Many people just assume that their stuffiness is from their allergies and that is true but the trigger might surprise you. Your mattress can have dust mites that are living in it and they are known for leaving feces on the mattress. The feces are a huge problem for people that suffer from allergies and asthma. The feces is a trigger that can make you have trouble with your breathing and create stuffiness. That is why you need to have your mattress cleaned. The other aspect is the fact that there are pests living on your mattress. If you saw any other pest crawling around your bed you wouldn’t sleep until it was gone. Dust mites are microscopic but that does not mean they are not there. There have been studies that show the presence in dust mites have increased the overall weight of the mattress. They are something that can be treated and taken care of when you have your mattress cleaned by a professional.
Allergens, Dead Skin Flakes & More on Mattresses: The reason you wash your sheets is because of the debris that is surely getting on them as you sleep at night. The same should be done for your mattress. Do you have a pet that sleeps with you? That means there will be hair and fur and dander on the mattress. Other things that you can worry about are the hair and skin cells that you yourself are leaving behind as well. Lastly you want to make sure that any sweat is lifted from the mattress as well.

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The best thing you can do is to schedule your mattress cleaning to ensure you get a good nights sleep. DM Carpet Cleaning offers many quality cleaning services including professional mattress cleaning. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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