Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Maintenance & Care Basics in Loganville, GA to Prevent Scratches & More

People utilize hardwood floors because of their sturdy nature, seemingly simple maintenance and for the upgrade in the overall appearance and home value. With the hardwood floors ability to be integrated into nearly any kind of interior design, many homeowners opt for hardwood floors as a replacement. For those new to hardwood floors, and even just as a refresher for those who have used hardwood floors in their home awhile, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to relate the basic care and maintenance of your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Types & Trends

Manufactured thicker than other wood floor options, hardwood floor is more durable. If you are looking for new installation, solid hardwood floors can be unfinished or factory finished. Factory finish comes pre-sanded and finished, minimizing the work involved in installing it. For those wanting to implement custom designs, a more optimal option is unfinished wood, which requires sanding and finishing following the installation. When it comes to installation, however, keep in mind that the complete installation, sanding, finishing (according to label’s directions) should be done before any walking resumes on the surface. Solid hardwood flooring is more pricey than other hardwood floor alternatives, but it does provide more benefits than the others as well.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance & Care Tips

Regular maintenance tips: Routine maintenance is essential to preserve the condition and beauty hardwood floors have. Daily cleaning should be done, but if your busy schedule does not permit the diligence of daily maintenance, be sure it is done 4-5 days a week.
1) Using a soft-bristle broom, dust mop, or a vacuum designed for hard surfaces or the option for the bare floor setting; clean the dust and debris from off the surface. As you walk on the floors daily, the hardwood floor will accumulate more debris, making this step important on a daily basis. Keep in mind that the particles on the floor is an abrasive agent, the walking creates friction, causing the finish to dissipate and the scratches and scuffs more dominant.
2) During the hours direct sunlight beams through the windows onto your hardwood floor, consider keeping them covered with an area rug or cover the winds with UV film, blinds, or curtains. The sun will make the wood dry out and the color fade.
3) Areas where there is a lot of foot traffic and the all the entry points should be protected with walk-off mats, area rugs, and runners. Containing the debris on the rugs can better preserve the hardwood floor from wear and damage. Be sure to vacuum the rugs daily and vacuum the back of them once a week.

How to Prevent Scratches & Damage on Hardwood Floors

Tips to prevent abuse and damage: Hardwood floors are susceptible to damage and it is important that with routine maintenance you provide preventative measures.
1) Pets can bring in filth and scuff the floors with their nails. Do you and your pet a favor and keep them regularly groomed and nails trimmed.
2) Keep your home’s humidity levels between 35% and 55% to avoid shrinkage.
3) Avoid allowing any kind of moisture substance to sit on the floor. With a clean, dry microfiber cloth, immediately wipe up spills. Liquid and moist substance will seep into the gaps, and cause a number of water damage symptoms.
4) Try to keep shoes like high heel shoes, cleats, and other spike shoes off the floor to avoid potential damage.
5) Use plain water to dampen a cloth to wipe up any spots or sticky residues and immediately dry up the surface.
6) Exclusively utilize cleaning aids and treatments that are specifically formulated for your hardwood floor and finish.
7) Never use abrasive cleaning tools like scouring pads, steel wool pads, or anything containing metal to clean the floors.

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