How to Remove Fresh & Old, Dried Hair Dye Stains from Carpet in Sandy Springs, GA

Has your living room just become a hair salon? Many people are beginning to color their own hair in hope to save money. However hair dye is extremely messy and it gets everywhere. You might discover hair dye on your rugs and carpets and once there, you may feel those stains are there to stay. There are two kinds of hair dye stains: fresh and old stains. It is much easier to clean any stain when it is fresh. However, sometimes that is not the case. DM Carpet Cleaning will share how to remove both kinds and show that no stain is there to stay.

Removing Fresh Hair Dye Stains from Carpet

When hair dye stains occur and they are still wet, now is the time to act. To clean fresh hair dye stains from carpet or rugs you will need water, liquid dish soap, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and ammonia, with of course, a few white cleaning cloths.
Step 1. When the hair dye is first discovered begin blotting at the dye gently with a cloth. Avoid pushing down too hard and do not scrub the dye. It will just make matters worse.
Step 2. Mix together two cups of lukewarm water with one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and one tablespoon of vinegar into a bowl.
Step 3. With a clean white cloth, dip the cloth into the mixture and dab at the stain. You will want to switch with the damp cloth followed up with a dry cloth to absorb the dye and mixture from out of the carpet or rug.
Step 4. After you’ve repeated dabbing with the mixture, and using the dry cloth, the stain should eventually dissipate and dissolve away. Afterward you will want to rinse the area with cold water. Use a cloth or sponge and soak the area with water. Once again follow with a dry cloth to absorb more of the water.
Step 5. If some of the stain remains, use rubbing alcohol to help remove the remainder of the stain. Using the same method, dab the alcohol onto the stain. The alcohol should remove the remaining dye out of the caret. Once again rinse the area using the same previous method, after the carpet has had time to dry, vacuum the carpet to restore the fibers.

How to Remove Old Hair Dye Carpet Stains

Older hair dye stains can be much more difficult to remove from carpet or rugs. However, it never hurts to try. To remove old hair dye you will need hair spray–preferably Alberto V05 hair spray–Sea Breeze Astringent, and baby shampoo.
Step 1. Start by spraying the hair spray onto the stain. Make sure to soak the stain so the hair spray penetrates the carpet fibers and reach all of the hair dye. Allow the hair spray to soak on the stain for about five to ten minutes. Then use the same rinsing technique as before.
Step 2. Next apply the Sea Breeze Astringent on the stain and once again allow it to soak on the stain for five to ten minutes. Then rinse the stain once again using cold water each time.
Step 3. Pour cold water on the stain and just enough to dampen the stained area. Then dab a few drops of the baby shampoo with a clean cloth gently scrub the stain until the stain dissolves. Once again rinse the area with cold water and dab it with a dry cloth to absorb the remainder of the water.

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