How to Remove Salad Dressing Stain from Carpet in Decatur, GA; Blot Water & Vinegar Cleaning Solution & More

There are tons of reasons why people love to eat salads. They are very healthy and will no doubt do wonders for your diet aside from it being a delicious meal. Unfortunately, eating salads can cause you to accidentally spill it on your carpet and spill salad dressing. For any homeowner, salad dressing spills can be quite problematic. Your carpet will have unattractive and ugly splotches with the creation of a big stain. You should know how to properly deal with this sort of cleaning issue, since nobody wants their carpet to have a big old stain. Today, we at DM Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the steps of removing salad dressing spills.

How to Get Salad Dressing Stains Out of Carpet

When it comes to the salad dressing stains, it can be challenging to remove, but it is not impossible to do this. Below is a step by step guide to remove salad dressing stains from the carpet.
1) From the spill, clear the carpet of any loose debris. To help extract the excess liquid or salad dressing, use your hands to pick up solid food particles and use a clean white cloth. You do not want to cause the mess to become worse by spreading it further on your carpet so be careful with this step.
2) In order to help you eliminate the salad dressing stain, making a cleaning solution is essential. With four parts of warm water and one part of household vinegar, carefully mix these ingredients together. Being that it is a wonderful ingredient to use in this situation, vinegar is great in removing stains as well as leaving your carpet odor-free. Apply some of it onto the stain and allow it to set for three minutes, once you have the mixture on hand.
3) Get a clean white cloth and proceed in blotting the affected area once you have allowed the cleaning solution to soak the stain for several minutes. From the outside moving inward, gradually blot the stained area. Administer some of it again and resume blotting in the event the cleaning solution dries up with the stain still there. Until all of the salad dressing stain is removed, do this repeatedly.
4) Rinse the carpet with pure water in a squirt bottle. Any cleaning solution residue from it staying behind can cause a build-up over time, and this can be eliminated by rinsing the area. Using towels or clean rags, dry the carpets thoroughly.

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Though by following the steps above you are surely going to get your carpet looking clean and beautiful in no time, the salad dressing stains can be tough to handle. However, if you find the salad dressing too difficult to remove, call DM Carpet Cleaning to let our qualified technician remove the stain. Our elite professionals have the expertise as well the powerful equipment and premium products to ensure high-quality results. Contact us today to help you combat stains and make sure your carpets are cleaned and sanitized.

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