How to Keep Your Oriental Rug Clean & Looking New in Union City, GA; Avoid Water or Moth Damage & More

Oriental rugs are beautiful, unique and last much longer than your typical area rug, as long as you take the proper steps to care for your Oriental rug. Just like any other areas of your home, an Oriental rug can fall victim to every day wear and tear. Your floors take the brunt of daily activity that occurs throughout your home. Whether you have little children running around all day, pets or host parties with your friends, your floors can take hits of spills, accidents and heavy foot traffic that slowly begin to dull its appearance and create dark and shadowed stains. DM Carpet Cleaning offers tips to keep your Oriental rugs looking new.

Avoid Water Damage to your Oriental Rug

Water damage is the number one cause of a ruined oriental rug. Water damage can easily happen if there is a spill, a flood or a leak of any kind that happens near your oriental rug. Most varieties of oriental rugs have wool pile; however there are many that also have cotton tied into the knots as well. This cotton foundation can easily become weakened and sometimes rotted if the rug is exposed to moisture and not properly dried out. One mistake that home owners make is placing potted plants directly on top of their oriental rugs. This may seem like an obvious step of what not to do, but it happens more than you would think. If a plant is watered regularly and sits atop an oriental rug, the chances of the water slowly trickling down through the pot and into your oriental rug are very likely. This water is not likely to ever be properly dried out and will inflict permanent damage to your oriental rug.

Beware of Moth Damage to your Oriental Rugs

Many people make the mistake of thinking that flying clothes moths will eat their rugs, this is not the case. However, the female flying clothes moth can lay hundreds of eggs into your Oriental rug, and when these eggs hatch in larvae, that larvae will consume wool, fur, feather and silk fibers. Your oriental rug can become severely damaged due to moths. A bad moth infestation will result in web like areas of your Oriental rug that may even expose your floor that the oriental rug is sitting on. An Oriental rug that has been damaged by moths is not difficult to repair but can be expensive to reweave.

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The best way to properly care for your Oriental rug is to contact DM Carpet Cleaning to regularly care and clean your Oriental rug so it looks like new and lasts for years to come.

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