How to Keep Your Carpet Looking New in Alpharetta, GA; Vacuum Regularly, Don’t Over Wet & More

Everyone wants to keep their home looking its best. One of the largest surfaces in your home happens to be the carpet or flooring. That is why it is so pertinent to keep the carpets looking their best. People are not sure the best way to keep them looking good. There are actually a lot of mistakes that people make that can cause damage to the carpet. You need to use good cleaning tip to care for your carpet. This will help you increase the life of the carpet and keep them looking their very best. When you damage the carpet it can lead to needing replacement sooner that you should really have to.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists Tips to Care For Your Carpets

Vacuum Carpet Regularly: When you have new carpet installed it is clean and free from dirt and debris. As soon as the carpet has been laid down in a room or home it immediately starts to get dirty. Even if you never walk on the carpet it is getting dirty. The air in your home is full of debris and dust that will settle on the carpeting. You need to make sure that the carpets are free from this debris by running your vacuum. The more dirt and debris and dust that is left on the carpet the more it will cause damage. You will start to notice that your carpet looks deflated. That means that the fibers are being compressed. Over time they will stay that way. Make sure that you run your vacuum on a regular basis to keep the debris off the carpet. You also want to ensure that your vacuum is clean and maintained properly.
Don’t Over Wet The Carpet: The next mistake that many people make is to over wet the carpet. This happens when you see a spill of any kind and your immediate reaction is to douse it with water or cleaner. The problem is that this will actually cause the spill to increase in size. It also will not stop after it hits the carpet fibers. It will continue on to the backing as well as the padding. The moisture that stays could lead to mold and mildew growth which is a danger to your family. You want to clean spots and stains by using a preferred method for that particular substance. The reason is each has a different chemical compound that reacts in difference ways.
Store Bought Spot Cleaners Can Lighten Carpet: When you are thinking about cleaning a spill on your carpet it might seem easy and quick to grab a cleaner at the store. The biggest problem is that often times the cleaner will only clean the dirt and not really the stain. That is why when you use the cleaner you will notice the carpet is much lighter than the surrounding area but the stain is still there.

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