Causes of Carpet Damage & How Professional Carpet Repair Can Fix it in Roswell, GA

Your carpet is an important part to your homes décor and functionality of the room. You want the carpet to look good and that means you have to do your part once it has been installed in your home. You will need to vacuum the carpets, clean spots and stains and have them cleaned professionally on a regular basis. When you start to see damage to your carpet you may think that the only way to get it looking good again is to have it replaced. That is not the truth and carpet repair can be something that can extend the life of your carpet. There are many different reasons that a person may need to have their carpet repaired but they should all be done professionally.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists Common Reasons You Need to Have Your Carpets Repaired

Carpet Pet Damage: Have you ever gotten a new pet that has to be left at home alone for the first time? When you come in after being gone you are probably holding your breath hoping to see a perfectly sleeping puppy. The problem is that many times these new pets panic and think that you are never coming back. The way they show their concern is to scratch at the walls and dig under the door that they are left behind. The issue is that under that door happens to be carpet! The carpet is scratched and dug at until the fibers are damaged. You can’t clean this problem up and that is why carpet patching or repairs are needed.
Damage From Carpet Beetles: Are you noticing that your carpet is going bald? This is not from old age but it can be from a pest that eats away at the carpet fibers. The carpet beetle is a problem for people and can be found in the fibers of your carpet. They will eat the fibers and leave bald patches. These patches can be small or even large if they go unnoticed. This will lead to areas that need to be patched and replaced to cover the damage. You also want to have your carpet cleaned professionally to remove the carpet beetles.
Get Ripples & Bumps Out of Carpet: Another common problem that occurs is when your carpet has small ripples or bumps that are not supposed to be there. The ripples can be annoying to look at and also be a tripping hazard for you and your family. These are usually because the carpet has become loosened or detached from the tack strip around the outside edge. You will need to have your carpet stretched back out to the fit the space. This can be done and carpet tightened so you have a good smooth finish.

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If you want to have your carpet looking good you want to have areas that have been damaged repaired be sure to call a professional that has expertise in carpet repair. DM Carpet Cleaning offers carpet repair and many other cleaning and restoration services. Contact us today!

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