Is Carpet Cleaning Safer For Your Baby & Pets in Atlanta, GA than Leaving Dirt, Germs, Viruses, Beetles, Pests & Other Contaminants?

There is some belief that carpet cleaners use extremely harsh chemicals that pose a danger to people especially babies and pets when they are cleaned. That was a true statement when carpet cleaning first began and the chemicals that were used were harsh and could cause irritation. The small children would crawl and roll on the carpets and that would leave rashes and irritation on the skin. Some people even have reported that it has upset the stomach of a child or a pet in the process. The big difference now is that companies are much more aware of the effect the cleaner they use has; not only on the environment but also on the people that are directly around the area. Today’s carpet cleaners use cleaning solutions that are more much more green and better for the environment. The techniques of cleaning and the tools that are used have also come a long way. The suction has improved too so that the mild cleaner that is used is completely removed from the carpet and disposed of. The fear that carpet cleaning is bad to have around your family and pets is not true. The fact that you would be willing to not clean the carpets is a much bigger issue than carpet cleaning would ever be.

DM Carpet Cleaning Explains Why Skipping Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Bad For Kids & Your Family

Your Carpets Are Playing Host To Viruses & Bacteria: If you have recently had a child or other family member walking around with a cold or flu you know the germs are abundant. The germs that actually cause the illness to occur are not dead after someone feels better. The interesting thing about the bacteria and germs is that they are able to get in the carpet fibers and can last for up to 30 days. That means that laying your baby on the carpet that has not been cleaned can be a way to transfer those germs to your baby. The carpet cleaner will use heat as well as a cleaner that will kill off the bacteria and germs and leave it ready for the baby to enjoy tummy time.
Your Carpet Could Have Beetles & Pests: There are particular pests that could be found in carpets whether your home is clean or dirty. They strictly want to chew on the fibers that make up the carpet. They are a small tiny pest that has a very tiny mouth that is not able to pierce a person’s skin but that does not mean they are dangerous. They are known to cause trouble with people that suffer from asthma and also allergies. The bodies of the carpet beetle can shed and get into the air which can lead to breathing troubles. The best way to help control these nasty little critters is to vacuum on a regular basis and of course hire a carpet cleaner to come out and clean the carpets.

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