How to Fix Carpet Wrinkles, Ripples, Buckling & Bulging in Alpharetta, GA; Carpet Stretching!

Is your carpet loose and filled with ripples? Ripples are common in places with high humidity, with older carpets, and other carpet that has been poorly installed. Ripples in carpet indicate that the carpet is too loose or has shrunk and pulled away from the edges and is no longer properly held down. When ripples occur in carpet they can be repaired by stretching the carpet.

Original Carpet Installation Method

In order to repair the ripples in the carpet you will first need to remove all of the furniture so the carpet is free of weight. To prevent further damage to the carpet make sure you never drag any heavy item across the carpet or you can cause even more ripples. If the floor has any thresholds or air duct registers, remove them to make the carpet easier to repair. Next you will need to determine how the carpet was laid. Carpet can be laid by using tack strips or tack-less system. By knowing how the carpet was installed can help you when it comes to tacking the carpet back in place.

How to Repair Carpet Ripples

When repairing carpet that has ripples, the first step is pulling the carpet off of the tack strips, typically the corner on the opposite side of the many areas with the ripples. The carpet should not be fully removed. Only one end or half of the carpet needs to be pulled off. The carpet will be pulled up and laid flat back down. With the carpet detached from the track strips, now will be the time to inspect each of the tracks and see if any are damaged. Damaged tracks can cause the carpet to become loosened which lead to ripples. If any of the tracks need to be replaced, now is the time they should be replaced. If you’re using a professional or doing your own, it is essential that the carpet tracks are in good condition to help prevent future ripples. If the carpet has any frayed edges they should be cut back. This can easily be done using a utility knife. To prevent further fraying, a steam sealer is then used to provide the carpet with a sealed edge. In order to repair the ripples, the carpet then needs to be tightened and secured back down. This is done by using a power steam iron. This iron is used to pull one edge of the carpet and extend it so as to pull the carpet tight. An internal rod continues to extend and helps hold the iron in place while the carpet is reattached to the carpet tack strips. Occasionally the carpet becomes stretched and the carpet will need to be trimmed back. Once the carpet is secured in place the iron can be removed after which the ripples are repaired.

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Again, it is important that you remember to never drag heavy furniture over carpet or it can cause ripples to occur once again. If your carpet needs to be repaired, contact DM Carpet Cleaning. We provide carpet and rug repair services. This includes carpet stretching services that can repair ripples. To schedule our services contact DM Carpet Cleaning today.

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