How to Clean & Take Care of Leather Sofas, Couches, Upholstery & Furniture in Atlanta, GA

Leather furniture is usually more of an investment to a home than most fabric based furniture. Many of us like leather not just for its slick look, but because it’s easier to keep clean than fabric. However, as it is easier to wipe a spill away than other upholstery, leather does still require its own care and cleaning methods. If leather is not cared for or cleaned properly, your expensive furniture can quickly get damaged or weaken. That is why DM Carpet Cleaning would like to share how to properly clean leather as well as leave some additional tips and advice on how to care for and maintain your leather upholstery.

Tips for How to Take Care of Leather Couches & Upholstery

Deep Cleaning Leather – It is a good practice that every six months you perform a deep cleaning of the leather whether it needs it or not. One surprising great cleaning method is to use water and mild body soap like dove or Neutrogena. The oils from these types of soaps work well with the leather. With a damp cloth and a little bit of soap, wipe down the entire piece of furniture and then rinse it off with a fresh damp cloth with plain water.
Use Distilled Water to Wipe Down Leather – When washing leather upholstery, it is also recommended to use distilled water. Most tap water contains mild amounts of chlorine to clean the water. However the chlorine can actually remove or lighten the color of the leather. Additionally, you should also use a white cloth for similar reasons. Often the dye from colored cleaning cloths leak onto other surfaces. The color from a colored cloth can soak into the leather and dye or discolor it.
Conditioning Leather with Vinegar & Linseed Oil – To help revive leather, another great home remedy is to mix one part vinegar to two parts linseed oil. With the mixture, lightly dampen a white cloth and rub the mixture in a circular motion. You may need to buff the leather twice if it has been neglected for some time or may need more than the one coat of oil.
Commercial Leather Cleaners – There are commercial cleaners that are designed for leather that also works well. Some even come in convenient disposable wipes for easily cleanup. Also you should always clean up a spill as soon as it happens. Too much moisture exposure is bad for many reasons. Also it is never good to use other cleaners, even if they are oil based. Yes, you need to oil leather. However some oils don’t interact together and can actually cause buildup of dirt, which creates a bigger mess. Don’t use any cleaners with alcohol or that is abrasive such as bleach, ammonia, and Windex. These types of cleaners will just cause discoloration or even damage to leather. Also baby wipes may seem like a convenient cleaner. However most leather has an oil finish to help protect the leather. Baby wipes are known to strip this protective coat.
Keep Leather Out of Sunlight – It also benefits leather if it is not sitting directly in the sun or near any heating vent or fire places. The heat can dry out the leather and it becomes cracked and brittle. Try to have your leather furniture at lease two feet away from any continuous heat source.

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