How to Remove New Sticky & Old Dry Chewing Gum from Your Carpet in Conyers, GA

How a chewed up piece of gum ends up on your carpet can really be a mystery. There are several reasons that a piece of gum ends up on the carpet but one common way is when a child falls asleep with it in their mouth and it falls out. But whatever the reason for gum on the carpet, the treatment needs to be done right away. The longer you wait to treat any kind of stain or spot on your carpet the harder it is to get it out. Sometimes the gum is in a place that you don’t see it often. Whether it is fresh or old there are some ways that you can try and treat it today. The treatment that you use for this particular type of spot is different from other types of spots. If you have ever stepped in a piece of gum outside and it sticks to your shoe and stretches out more and more you know that gum is its own monster. It can expand the area that it is on and once you start to pick at it the gum will string up. These little strings will stick back on the carpet and more around the area. You want to use one of these methods that are known to work on a gum spot.

DM Carpet Cleaning Outlines Several Methods to Get Sticky Chewing Gum Out Of Your Carpet & Rug

Ice Can Remove Gum from Carpet: If you have gum that has been chewed up and stuck to the carpet you might want to use a bag of ice. It may seem to easy to use something as simple ice to remove any type of stain. There are some reasons that a bag of ice is perfect for removing gum. You want to take the bag of ice and lay it on the gum spot. It needs to sit on the gum for up to about 30 minutes. That way the ice will freeze and harden the gum so that you can chip it away from the carpet. After the gum has had time to freeze you want to take a butter knife, credit card or even your fingernails. Use these items to lift the frozen gum from the carpet little at a time. Be sure that you go slow and don’t pull the carpet fibers out in the process. You can do the process again and again if the gum starts to become soft again.
Blow Dryer Can Remove Chewing Gum from Carpet: If ice is not working and you want another option the blow dryer can do the trick. You will need to find a paper sack and a blow dryer that has a heat setting. Lay the paper bag on the gum spot and heat up the space with the blow dryer. You need to use caution so that the carpet fibers are not overheated and melted or burned. You can then use the paper sack to dab at the soft and sticky gum pulling it away from the carpet. It will pull up pieces of the gum a little at a time. You may need to repeat the method a few times to get all the gum off.

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