Best Ways to Keep Carpet Clean in Alpharetta, GA This Summer; Vacuum, Entry Rugs & More

The warm summer months are often the time of year that most kids anticipate. The weather is nice and school is out so it is a great time of year to get involved in activities. One of the most common activities that you might be found doing is swimming along with going on picnics, hiking and other outdoor activities. The summer is fun for families but the house may take some abuse. The amount of dirt and messes that end up in the house during summer is a large increase from other months. The reason this is true is because of the time that the family is home. No school means the kids are in and out of the house all day with friends and other kids. The terrible news is that now you are going to have to do more cleaning. One area of the house that takes a lot of the abuse and dirt is the floors. The carpets will get covered with dirt and messes often and it is great to have some tips on trying to keep them clean.

DM Carpet Cleaning Lists Great Tips To Keep Your Carpets & Floors Clean This Summer

Don’t Wear Shoes on the Carpet: Obviously you can’t just eliminate the existence of shoes or stop your family from wearing them but you can limit where they go. Shoes are a great way to keep your feet safe from the dangers outdoors but they also are great at collecting dirt. They are necessary but having a plan on where your family and friends can wear them and where they can’t will help to control the amount of dirt. Purchase a shoe rack or a plastic bin so that you can store shoes while the kids are in the house. This is also a great way to remind extended family and guests that you want them to remove their shoes before they walk in your home. This is a great way to reduce the amount of dirt that often time ends up on your carpets and floors.
How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpets?: This may not be the best news but you may need to increase the amount of times that you vacuum. Some people run their vacuum a few times a week and skip days here and there. The problem is that the more the dirt is allowed to sit, the more ground in the dirt will become. The dirt needs to be lifted off the carpet as often as possible. That is why it is important to have your carpets vacuumed on a daily basis. The more traffic you are going to have the more often you need to run the vacuum.
Use Indoor Entry Rugs at Front Doors: One mistake that people make is having a rug at the front door only. With the kids home from school they are sure to use other entrances. They might be getting their bikes out of the garage or playing in the sprinkler in the backyard. That means they are running in the house through these other doors. Be sure that you have a rug at each entrance to help pull the dirt off their feet or shoes before they get in the house.

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