How to Clean & Remove Old Pet Urine Stains, Drink Spills & More from Carpet in Roswell, GA

Your carpets are the part of your house that seem to always attract stains and dirt. The flooring in your home is susceptible to spills, foot traffic and more. When these things occur the carpets will look like a mess and so will the house. It takes constant care to keep a home clean and looking good. The chores are endless whether you have kids, a spouse or pets. They all bring in their own form of messes that can make keeping clean carpets hard. You already know that keeping clean carpets include some regular work. You need to run your vacuum on a regular basis as often as every single day. You also know that if there is damage to the carpet you need to look into carpet repair or patching. The other way to keep your carpets clean is to have them professionally cleaned. You can have it done on a regular basis but for those pesky stains in between you need to know how to clean them yourself.

DM Carpet Cleaning List the Most Common Stains & How To Clean Them At Home

Old Red Stains on Carpet: One of the stains that are common in a home whether you have kids or not is red liquid. This can happen during an adult dinner party where you are serving red wine. It can also happen when you hand your toddler a cup with red juice. However it occurs the reason it is on the list is because of the problem trying to clean it. The red dye is harsh on fabrics that include carpets. The dye can start to change the color of the carpet fibers and that is why you need to get to work on it quickly. You can use a mixture of water, vinegar and dish soap to make a solution. Spray the area and dab at the space with a clean cloth. This should work to remove the stain as long as you work fast.
Pet Urine & Poop Stains on Carpet: Do you have a new puppy or a cat that has an attitude problem? If you have one or even a great pet you know that stains from your pet are going to happen. Even the best trained house pet will have a problem occasionally and that can lead to stains on your carpet and odor in your home. The pets are a welcome part of our homes and usually allowed to roam as they please. That is one reason that accidents are a problem. They can leave you a present anywhere in the house. You want to use a solution that will help to deodorize and neutralize the odor. You can do this with baking soda and water. This will create a paste that you can allow to sit on the space. Once it has had time to dry you can vacuum it off the space. Then follow up with warm water and dish soap to treat the stain.

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