What Lives in Your Duluth, GA Carpet? Dust, Germs, Bacteria, Pet Stains & Odors, Mold, Bugs & More

Most of us observe dirty carpets and stains and seldom ever consider why it is important to have our carpets cleaned on occasion other than the visually pleasing appearance of a clean carpet. Carpets are like a triple canopy forest. You have your denizens that occupy the carpet’s surface; insects and other biologicals. Under the carpet’s backing is another zone between the backing and padding. The last zone is below the pad and floor, wood or concrete depending on the structure.

Carpet Facts to Know; What Lives in Your Carpet?

Over time dirt and grime are ground into the carpet by foot traffic. The piles are crushed, and the carpet becomes a breeding ground for organisms that can carry disease and allergens. Stains destroy the looks and harbor odors. Pet stains and food stains predominate. In areas that experience highly humid conditions mold is always a concern. In dryer areas airborne sand, dirt and grit are culprits putting your carpet at risk. Mineral based debris works its way into the carpet. Foot traffic grinds this material into the carpet, cutting and abrading the fibers leading to increased wear and early retirement of your carpet.

Old Pet & Pest Urine & Poop Stains in Carpet

Walk through your carpeted rooms and hallways using a black or ultraviolet light if you have pets, particularly dogs and cats. You may uncomfortable by the urine glow. Pets leak some, not a full-blown urination, but more like dribbles. Unwanted creatures like mice and rats will leave their black light signatures behind as well. A good carpet cleaning can remove odors, dirt, stains and growing mini-organism infestations. Dust mites, carpet bugs and a plethora of potential disease and allergy agents. Regular carpet cleaning improves health and extends the life of the carpet. Another area of concern are mattresses. Subject to stains, biologicals and other abuse, the humble mattress requires periodic attention as well.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Deep cleaning requires detergents and hot, very hot water. The water penetrates and ‘lifts’ the dirt to be cobbled up by a water vacuum machine. Though little water penetrates the pad, the first two of the three tiers of the carpet are cleaned. The downside to hot water cleaning is the extended drying times. This would affect most business so the best time to clean is the weekends. Where there is 24/7 traffic, the carpet is cleaned in shifts, probably using an alternative cleaning method to hot water (steam cleaning) methods. One uses d-limonene petroleum byproducts, glycol ethers or butyl agents to “dry clean” the carpets. The methods however, require extensive preparations prior to cleaning. Post cleaning advantages is that this treatment doesn’t attract dirt like dried shampoos do. Extended time consumption offset by rapid drying times and less stress to the carpet. Chemically intensive though. A dry absorbent compound can be spread over the carpet, and then vacuumed. This is a favorite do-it-yourself method. It requires evaporative time for the cleaning solution and may leave allegoric residue.
Polymers offer another method to attack carpet grime. Mixed the detergent these polymers encapsulate the dirt. On drying they create a crystalline structure that is removed by a vacuum.

Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Covington, Conyers, Loganville & Atlanta Georgia

Other methods are available and have their pros and cons. Check with a pro cleaning company for options. DM Carpet Cleaning specializes in deep, steam carpet cleaning with our powerful truck mounted machines that extract virtually all of the dirt and contaminates as well as the cleaners and water used in the cleaning process. Contact us to schedule an appointment today for clean, fresh and healthy carpets!

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