Carpet, Rugs & Tile Floor Cleaning Tips in Alpharetta, GA to Freshen & Neutralize Odors & More

Now that the weather has changed and the cooler temperatures are here to stay the holiday season is in full effect. The new season means that most people will be coming over for dinner and other gatherings. This is a time of year to enjoy friends and family but it can also be stressful. If you happen to be one of the many hosts this year you want to do all that you can to have your home clean and put together. A good clean house is a perfect way to make a nice impact on your loved ones. One area that most homeowners need help with is the floors. The floors are something that are in constant need of cleaning and care and the fact that they are not all the same can be a problem. Most homes have many types of flooring from carpets, rugs, tile, stone all the way to hardwood floors. They each need to be cleaned in their own unique way and knowing some tips for each is a great way to start off your party on the right foot.

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How to Freshen Carpet & Neutralize Orders: Most homes have carpet in them from bedrooms to their main living space. The carpet is like most textiles and will on occasion get stained as well as hold onto odors that can make the home smell terrible. The carpet needs to be treated with care to remove the dirt and debris that is often the culprit that is causing the dull and dingy look. You can start by using the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to clean and remove the excess dirt that is brought in on shoes and everyday use. The dirt can over time start to compact making your once soft and plush carpet hard and dense. The carpets needs to be spot treated for any spills that may have occurred as well as pet stains. These are the most common causes for odor in your home.
Clean Rugs When Carpets Are Cleaned: The next area that needs to be taken care of are the rugs. If you have area rugs in your home they are often left over carpet or hard floors to add some comfort. They are going to become dirty and messy from everyday use and that is why it is important to not skip having them cleaned. You want to add them to your cleaning service when you call to have your carpet done. This is also more important when you are having a gathering since you can use the rugs as a way to block areas of concern off. They are a great way to help protect the rest of the floor from spills during the party.
Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing: Call out a professional to have the grout and tile cleaned professionally. We are able to take care of those dark and uneven grout lines that are making your entry and kitchen area look dirty and uninviting. The best thing you can do is to have them cleaned as well as sealed professionally to save you time, energy, frustration and money.

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